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I’m Green. What Shade Are You?

I'm Green What Shade Are You? Some green tips that can help you make big changes!

I’m Green.

Did you know that over 50 million disposable diapers fill our landfills daily and that it takes approximately 500 years or more for them to decompose?

To me, well, that’s frightening.

Frightening enough that it made me go green. I tell ya, I never thought I’d hear myself saying that. I sat down and started evaluating how terribly degrading our society’s practices are and how we are literally destroying this earth. Makes me wonder how soon we will be living in our own filth.

Although it seems that changing very small aspects of your life doesn’t make a huge difference, it really does. Think about it, if more people are thinking this exact same way, think about the huge difference that is going on around the world.

So, I may not have solar panels on my roof (yet =P) or solar-powered anything in my house but one of the things that I have control over right NOW is the type of diaper my baby is going to use.

My choices are the gDiapers,  they are a hybrid. Part cloth, part disposable. Hypoallergenic, chemical free, dye free & the disposable liners are completely biodegradable. Their motto, “happy planet, happy baby.” These liners can be tossed in your compost (just wet ones, not the ones with presents =P) or simply flushed down the toilet. You can also dispose of them in the trash, at the landfill they will decompose in 50 days or so! Compare that to 500 years! There is no comparison!

Watch them decompose!

So, I try to use the gDiapers most times but when I don’t I use the next best thing. The most greenest disposable which is the PC brand, they are made out of wood pulp (from sustainably managed forests) and other natural components. Also dye free, chlorine-free, perfume free & hypoallergenic. A lot of the plastic has been changed to plant-based polymers as well. So, it’s the greenest disposable I’ve found in Canada. They are super, super absorbent too. I have had absolutely no leaks and Mimi’s bum agrees with it too! LOL. They are slightly rougher than Pampers & Huggies but doesn’t harm or irritate Mimi’s skin.

They also have really expandable straps. I love them.

Now down to the dollars and cents. gDiapers can run you quite pricey. The little gPants come in SM, MED and LG. The small fits babies from 8-14 lbs. The medium fits 13-28 lbs. and the large fits babies 26-36 lbs. They also have gPants for babies under 8 lbs if you need them. The pants will run you from $16.99 and up and come in so many cute designs. The gRefills will run you $14.99 and up, depending on how many packages you buy and where you live. In my hometown they don’t deliver so I get them from a speciality shop and the liners run me $23.99 plus tax for 40 liners. My friends in the US have them cheaper! Lucky ducks. Now, the PC disposables are about $15.99 which is about 10 cents more per diaper in comparison to other brands.

What do YOU think?

There you have it but, there are plenty of ways you can make a difference by implementing simple changes in your everyday routine, without giving it much thought. You will feel good about it and guess what? Not only are you making a difference to the planet but, you will see a substantial difference in your wallet too.

These are things I do to make a little difference in this world. I recycle! This is pretty common nowadays but, some people haven’t jumped on the train yet! Wives, have your Hubby help you with this! (They’re good at it!) I reuse, I make things with Gabs with things that I would most times throw out. I do this occasionally because I don’t want to have a hoarders house! LOL. J/K but if it can be recycled, off it goes, but it’s always for fun.

Another big thing and something that I’ve become more aware of is conservation. That means shutting off the lights when you’re not using them, not running the water if you brush your teeth or wash the dishes. Flushing when you need to flush. LOL. Not leaving the fridge door open when you fix a snack or when you walk away from it. Install an Energy Savings Kit that Union Gas offers. Using the A/C when needed. Unplugging appliances if you aren’t using them. (Just hide the cords behind the appliance.)

Avoid  Phantom energy.

I also wash with cold water and use a liquid detergent that is concentrated. More loads, less packaging, less heating and less waste of energy. Speaking of soaps, I use shampoo/body wash for Mimi that is 98% plant-derived, sulfate free, petroleum free, SLS free, Tear free, Paraben & Phthalate free hypoallergenic and the package is biodegradable. It’s called Live Clean Baby and they have products for adults too. As well, do you use liquid soap? I use Dial but I buy the refill bag which lasts me forever and it’s less packaging going to the landfill.

So, these are just a few things that I do to try to make a difference. Simple things.

But like they say, not everybody can do everything but everyone can do something.

How do you stay green?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I wanted to use gdiapers, but I opted for pocket diapers which hold their resale value after DD is potty trained which will not be for some time.

  2. It's really shocking to think about how much waste is produced with the packaging of products alone in the Western world.

  3. You know its so sad we are killing our planet,thats a lot of preventable waste.I used cloth for my children.

  4. That video just blows me away at what we are doing to the Earth,it makes me think with all the disasters if she is not warning us

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