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Travel Fashion Hacks To Keep You Looking Good On The Fly

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Travel Fashion Hacks To Keep You Looking Good 

Jetting off on your travels is one of the most exciting, enriching experiences you can have. But packing for a trip abroad? Not so much. We often find ourselves confused about how to maintain a signature style while travelling.

Do you have to give up all notion of chic in pursuit of practicality? Can the two ever be successfully combined?

Even if they can, is it possible to pack them into something that can be placed into your hand luggage?

Well, it turns out that there is a whole world of clever travel fashion hacks and tips. Ones that will help to keep you chic in the airport and beyond.

You may not be able to touch down with a chic outfit and a full glam squad to give you that flawless A-list arrivals hall look. Not to worry though, there is a lot you can do to travel in style.

Understand Your Look

Our first mistake is often thinking of our travel style as distinct from our usual personal style. It should really follow the same principles.

The shocking fact is that most of us only wear 20 percent of our clothes. When you look at all the misguided holiday wear purchases, this probably accounts for some of it.

If your usual style is tailored and monochrome, going multicolored, floaty and boho just because you’re travelling to sunnier climates is probably not going to work for you. The key lies in just adapting your usual home style to the climate and activities at your destination. It’s better to stick to basics and choose a colour palette that reflects your usual taste.

Accessorizing with timeless pieces like tanzanite earrings can add a touch of elegance to your travel wardrobe.

For example, if you love your sharp blacks and whites, tan and navy have the same mood in a lighter way. You can use the 5-4-3-2-1 packing rule to make sure that you don’t overpack. It’s all about versatile combinations that can be mixed and matched to suit the weather or your activities on a given day.

Choose Shoes For Comfort

In an unfamiliar place, many of us have to learn this travel fashion lesson the hard way. Never take any shoes that you might call ‘taxi shoes’ — ones that you can’t walk in or that are brand new and not broken in. It’s simply not worth the pain — you always end up walking more than you think in an unfamiliar setting.

Comfortable doesn’t have to mean ugly — a pair of perspex block heels, ever-chic raffia espadrille wedges or jewelled flat sandals look great. Just remember that the point of travelling is to experience things. Definitely not to be trying to find a blister plaster on short notice in a foreign country.

Learn To Pack Like A Pro

Half the art of holiday style is to learn to pack like a professional. Using packing cubes is a great way to keep your clothes and accessories organized. Inside the cubes, try rolling your clothes rather than folding, as this fits more into the same space and stops bad wrinkling and creasing. Especially in fabrics like silks and linens.

Pack tumble dryer sheets in with your clothes. Not only will they make everything smell fresh and amazing at the other end, but you can also use them to take the static out of your hair! Speaking of travel beauty, it’s a good idea to invest in a chic clear travel beauty bag to house all your essentials on the go.

Keep It Fresh Mid-Air

Flights, especially long haul ones, can definitely leave you feeling less than fresh, So to keep stylish on arrival, pack some in-flight essentials. A silk eye mask can help you sleep during the flight.

While, a travel skin mist is a great way to keep your complexion hydrated. Along with some of those collagen eye patches — these can be worn under your sleep mask to help you wake up radiant.

You should learn more about travel deodorizer and mini bottles of mouthwash. Try to time it so you can sleep through the bulk of your flight. Set an alarm for an hour before estimated landing. This gives you time to wake, rehydrate and give yourself a quick freshen up in the bathrooms before landing.

Layer Up

Travelling can involve rapid changes in temperature. One way to combat that is to opt for lots of light layers in complementary tones. Natural fabrics are temperature regulating and work well in both cooler and warmer situations. Aim for things made of silk, pure cotton or cashmere.

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A travel wrap is a great idea to keep you cozy on the plane. A light jacket — or a heavier shirt that can be used as a jacket — is a great idea to keep you comfortable and chic.

It’s all about thinking ahead! Anyone can learn to pack!

Do you have any travel fashion hacks for staying fashionable on the go?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Travel is 1 of the most enriching experiences you can have. Packing for a trip? Not so much. Here's some Travel Fashion Hacks To Keep You Looking Good. #fashion #fashiontips #tips

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  1. Great travel tips, I use packing cube and roll as well. We I travel I use one carry on bag and did this going to Europe two years age and was get having only one bag.

  2. I don’t travel much but I will be directing my daughter to this post,she would enjoy it. Thanks.

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