Sponsored Video: Knorr Taste of Home. What Is The Greatest Flavor on Earth?


Knorr Taste of Home.
What is the greatest flavor on earth?

Well, it may be your Mom’s apple pie or maybe it is your Dad’s meat loaf. Or perhaps it is your older sister and that delicious grilled cheese with tomato soup that she would make for you. Taste is one of our most pleasurable senses and no matter how old you get, it never ceases to evoke deep emotions or nostalgia. 

We are adamant about sitting down and eating our meals together. Whether it is around the dining room table or noshing on pizza in our living room watching Netflix. I know there are few meals like my fettucine alfredo or chicken and dumplings that the girls and Dara absolutely love.

The taste of home isn’t the same for everyone, in fact a study by Knorr shows that different flavors can make people happy and feeling comforted. Not to mention that over 75% of people say that just one mouthful of mom’s cooking can make them feel nostalgic and filled with childhood memories. I know that I feel the exact same way about my Mom’s rice, beans, tortillas, eggs and cheese breakfast.


Taste of Home In the Arctic.

Grab your tissues because with this video, you’ll need it. Knorr asked Carmen, a Brit living in the Arctic as a husky carer, what she missed the most about home. She described spending time with her family, sunday dinner and her mom’s home-cooked meal.

Knorr flew Carmen’s mum to the Arctic and had her cook her daughter’s favorite meal. She was presented with the plate and immediately she recognized it. Her mom walked in shortly after and they share a powerful reunion. It just goes to prove that the right flavors will always make you feel like you are close to home, to your family and best of all, you can find these flavors with Knorr.

I wonder if my girls will look back and yearn for some of my home cooked meals. One thing I know is that I can’t wait to satisfy the craving for them.

What is your flavor of home?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


Note: This post is sponsored by Knorr. All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. I doubt my girls will look back and yearn for Mommy's home-cooked meals because they are incredibly fussy and hate trying anything new. Maybe their palates will develop as they get older :).

    1. Oh they will remember,my daughter was so fussy it was terrible now she is 25 and eat everything and loves to cook dishes I use to prepare when she was young.

  2. My daughter called and she’s coming home with a new son(super excited) and the one thing she asked for is homemade raisin bread.

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