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Special K: Let’s Ditch the Doubt, No Matter What You Got, Own It. #OwnIt

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Let’s Ditch the Doubt.
No matter what you got, own it. 

I’m a firm believer of accepting who you are and being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what. Did you know that 97% of women (that’s almost all of us, y’all) have an “I hate my body” moment every single day. That is a whole lot of doubt about ourselves.  I’m going to get really real with you all. 

I’ve had these moments for as long as I can remember.

This little voice inside my head that sneaks up once in a while and reminds me of all my imperfections. I would say in these last 15 years of my life, I’ve found a way to silence this voice. It was quite simple, I just told it to shut up. My body has changed drastically within this time period too and if I could give anyone any advice in my lifetime is that the sooner that you come to accept not only your strong points and blessings but, your flaws–no one can use them against you. Not even yourself. 

Special K- #OwnIt

Just Own It.

Special K wants you to ditch your doubt and focus on what you can actually change versus getting hung up on the things you can’t.  Myself personally, I know that I have a long journey ahead of me to get back to the best me but, I know that I have the choice and the power to do so. We all can do this by making healthier choices and by taking control of self-doubt, we can be stronger, more confident, healthier and ultimately empowered! A first step would be to put healthier things in our body! Special K makes delicious products that can help your journey. 

Be Inspired.

The video says it all. Special K believes that 100% of women can change their perspective by being nicer to ourselves and by focusing on the things that we can change. We can look in the mirror, love the good and accept the not-so-good and fall in love with being imperfectly perfect.


Take Back Your Power.

Another thing that I always encourage people to do is find your tribe and to never listen to the naysayers. You’ll often find that they will try to pick on the most obvious things that may be “imperfect” about you but, when you love or accept every single part of you. Those naysayers are powerless.

So, go ahead.

Own it.

What do you love about yourself?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Great post and I agree woman need to own it. I have had several surgeries that have left me with a lot of body changes and I have learned to be with happy with who I am because I can't change what is.

  2. A great reminder and a cool program! I think it's something we all can learn from and gain some self confidence from.

  3. I love posts about women embracing who they are and how they look! Kids have changed my body, but I love it anyways!

  4. I just had one of those moments this morning. I am really aggravated with my weight loss. It just seems like I have reached a point where I am stagnant. UGH! Time to find me some positive people to join a support tribe with.
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  5. I am me and if I am happy with me and my family love me the way i am….and honestly that really all that matters

  6. This is a great message that needs to be heard by more women. I think women should look in the mirror every day and have an "I love this about myself" moment.

  7. I love this! Women need to embrace who they are, and what they do, and how they look! I think seeing more confident women/moms/etc will help so many, not to mention it helps us greatly!

  8. What an awesome post! Thank so much for posting it! I'm a plus sized gal and I'm owning it. I love me and that's al that matters.

  9. I love Special K. And I think every woman needs to own their bodies. All of us have something we don't like at one point or another but we are all beautiful and special.
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  10. This is EXACTLY right! OWN IT! I know I am just as guilty as the next girl with wanting to be that perfect skinny, but I know that I am the way I am for a reason and I need to get better at owning it!

  11. This is really great! I love that women are embracing who they are! After having kids my body has changed some. One of the things I love about myself is my red hair.

  12. I love this post. It was only recently that I've learned to embrace who I am. This is my body and I am a proud mom of two grown up kids.I love this post. It was only recently that I've learned to embrace who I am. This is my body and I am a proud mom of two grown up kids.

  13. I have put on quite a bit of weight the last couple of years so I am going through a huge "hate my body" phase right now. It can be extremely hard to snap out of.

  14. I think as long as someone is comfortable in their skin that is all that matters. I know I am not comfortable in my skin right now because I am overweight, but it is by personal choice and not society that I want to change.

  15. I have been doing so much better about accepting and loving myself. Seeing myself give encouragement to others helps me keep going.

  16. It is so important to be comfortable in your own skin. Kids will learn from watching us. If we are always putting ourselves down then that is what we are teaching them to do to themselves.

  17. I like the motto of fixing the things you can and ditching the things you can't. It'd be a great way to save time wasted. 🙂

  18. You are so right… take back the power. Women have to learn how to love themselves and be content. Love this!
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  19. For me, accepting my body has become much easier for me, the older I get. I really do not stress over it like I did before. Although…I will say, the few annoying strands of gray hair poking out here and there do drive me crazy because they seem to just want all the attention. What a great Special K program.
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