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The Stayfree Challenge: Jaw-Dropping Results & Saying Good-Bye to Granny Panties! #Stayfree #NoMoreGranny


The Stayfree Challenge.
Amazing results.

If I hadn’t seen it for myself or taken this challenge for myself, I would have never believed it. I’m sure many of you, if not all, have seen the demonstrations on TV commercials that state their product is the best. Well, Stayfree decided to put their money where their mouth is with the Stayfree Challenge and well, the proof is in the pudding. In this case, it’s in the pad.


Bye-Bye Granny!

Wherever life takes you, Stayfree® and Carefree® products deliver comfortable absorbency and discreet protection. Our bodies are all different and really, we need choice when it comes down it. Best of all, with Stayfree® and Carefree® products, you get the freshness you deserve and the liner that suits your needs.

What’s Your Style?

I’m more of a hipster or boy shorts kinda gal and I want a liner and pad that will provide the best coverage that best suits my lifestyle. I’m not going to lie because I know we all have “period” undies and these often happen to be less than appealing garments.

I’ll admit, my pre-schooler, in a very loud voice asked me, “Are those Grandma’s underwear?” when she joined me in a public stall for a bathroom break. Oh boy, let me tell you. I don’t know how a 4 year-old knew that those panties belonged to grannies. So, I’m taking the pledge to say good-bye to granny panties!


The Contenders.

The kit came with everything you would need. I must note that every saline solution came unmarked. Meaning it didn’t matter which one I used  on which pad. It was completely random. Also, the Stayfree pad, I took right out of a new and full-size package of pads. So, it wasn’t a “special” pad of any sort.

I chose 1 of 18 when I opened the package and went from there. You have competitor brands that I believe are Always (what I usually use) and maybe Kotex. Do not quote me, I am just speculating and Stayfree only marked them as Competitor #1 and Competitor #2.



Preparing for War.

I had my Hubby help me with this test, while I know that most men would run and hide, Dara was just as curious as I was. He is also super awesome enough to run out and grab me pads when I need them. This way, he’d know which one to grab and I’d know which one really beat the test. We lined up the pads and adhered them to the challenge sheet.



Pour It On.

We received 3 bottles of 5ml of blue saline solution for each pad. They were not marked and I checked them all for equality. Then we poured on 5ml of blue saline solution onto the center of each pad. The entire contents, down to the last drop for each.




Testing Time!

We allowed the dye to sit for 30 seconds in total, we then added the blotting sheets on each pad and placed the 5 pound weights on each pad for 5 seconds.


The Results Are In.

My jaw literally dropped when I saw the results. Stayfree won by a long shot and was basically dry after a 5 pound weight sat on top of it. The other pads didn’t fare so well with Competitor #1 taking the biggest hit and Competitor #2 coming in second for the loss. Incredible, I have always used one of the competitors and Stayfree was always my back-up. After this, I am making Stayfree my newest and only choice.

With results like this, I can totally say good-bye to the Granny Panties and Mimi’s remarks of my wearing of them. In public. Not to mention, I will much more comfy in my boy shorts when Aunt Flo visits and I won’t have to worry about a thing.


Join the Panty Party!
If you’re not using Stayfree, well, you should be!

I know have a starter package and am going to continue to use Stayfree. Like they say, Stayfree & Carefree and I am totally down with that. You can follow the @The_PantyParty on Twitter and get more information, find your pad guide, get samples and even submit your picture for the “Canada’s Ugliest Underwear” Contest, here.

Have you ever tried Stayfree before?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Very neat results! I haven't tried Stayfree before actually but I might after reading this post.

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