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Are You Neglecting The Dirty Jobs In Your Home?

Two cleaning bottles for the Kitchen and Bathroom sit on a countertop with a cleaning brush.

Neglecting The Dirty Jobs In Your Home

Most of us would agree that we want to take the best possible care for our homes. After all, it’s the place where you spend the vast majority of your time. It’s only natural to want it to be the most pleasant and comfortable environment possible.

However, the mistake that a lot of us make is that we only focus on simple jobs. You know, the ones that make the most obvious difference. Things, like keeping it tidy or putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

These are often easy to motivate yourself to do.

The thing is, some of the dirtier jobs around the house are a lot harder to muster up the enthusiasm for. With that in mind, here are some ways to stop neglecting your home’s dirty jobs.

Clean As You Go

The easiest way to avoid all of this hullabaloo is to not let your house get dirty to begin with. Make it a point to check and clean the bigger structures of your home.

Check and clean appliances regularly. Don’t forget the little ones like the toaster, it needs regular decrumbing. Your oven can get soiled and cause unpleasant smells or fire hazards.

Plan one day of the month to pull out the fridge and clean, scrub down tiles in the kitchen and washrooms, clean out vents and filters. Once a week, clean your fridge before putting the week’s groceries in. Believe me, you’ll thank me later!

Doing this regularly can help you maintain your home while inspecting it for larger problems. It’ll keep you ahead of the game!

Be Proactive

One of the biggest problems with these kinds of jobs in your home is that we often put them off until they become so big that they simply can’t be ignored.

A little bit of damp might not seem like that much of an issue. That is until it’s causing mold and structural damage.

Dealing with these kinds of things right away can often help to prevent larger issues. Ones that can become quite costly and could have been a lot less money and time if you had got to it right away.

By getting to small issues as they happen, you won’t run the risk of having a whole array of different things all come up at once.

Get Some Assistance

Sometimes these kinds of tasks are just out of your range of expertise. Often times, this is the main reason we ignore them. Since we can’t really do the job ourselves.

However, there is the option to hire out and let someone else deal with it. From home duct cleaning services to landscape gardeners, there are plenty of pros who can deal with the really difficult and dirty jobs around your house.

It’s always a good idea to call around to compare prices. Asking friends for references for people they’ve worked with will save you money too. You’ll know that the job will be done correctly the first time.

Just Get It Over With

There really is no way to avoid these tasks. They are definitely not fun or glamorous. Heck, to most of us, they are downright unpleasant. Eventually, you’re just going to reach the point where you have to bite the bullet and get them over with.

The truth is that a lot of the time the act of actually dealing with these kinds of things is the easy part.

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It’s the act of actually getting started and forcing yourself to deal with something that you don’t really want to deal with that’s the hard part.

My best advice is to get ahead of the problem by being proactive, cleaning as you go, and letting the pros handle what you can’t.

You got this!

Do you have any tips to tackle dirty jobs in your home?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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