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Look Who’s Growing Growth Charts

Look Who's Growing Growth Charts and Gabby being measured by Darasak.

Growth Charts

Like any mother, I dread every time I realize that our little ones are growing at an accelerated speed that is beyond our control. It’s a fear of the unknown and the fear that in no time, my babies will no longer depend on me for everything.

Though it is something that is fleeting and bittersweet, growing up is a momentous and beautiful process. It’s a phenomenon that is magnificent to witness as it happens before our very eyes. It sparks pride and a warmth that is difficult to put into words.

Even if it is us that feel the growing pains, our kids are stoked as they get taller. Gabriella says she’s going to be taller than me (she’s probably right), so when I was given the chance to try out a tool that will help me track my 6-year-old’s growth I was more than happy to take it!

Look Who's Growing Growth Charts up against a wall.

So many Options

I checked out Look Who’s Growing‘s website and immediately liked what I saw and I was absolutely positive that Gabriella would adore it. They have many designs to choose from for both boys and girls.

Their charts track height from toddler to teenager and yes, it’s the digital age but, nothing can compare to doing it old-school and actually seeing it physically right in front of you. Not to mention these designs are a total asset to any decor!

There are tons of designs to choose from. Make sure you check out the link by clicking designs above. Knowing my little Princess who loves all things girly, I decided to try out the Princess design. It was very easy to personalize to order.

All I did was send Gabriella’s name, her date of birth, a picture of my Peanut and the design I wanted and that was it! I decided to keep it a surprise for her to see her initial reaction to the chart.

Fast Shipping

Shipping was remarkable, it literally took a couple of days, (I am only 4 hours away from this Canadian-based company but still!) It arrived in a small box with a colourful sticker letting me know it was ‘Look Who’s Growing’ and I was pretty stoked to open it.

I opened the box and wrapped in fuchsia tissue paper was the chart rolled up. Then I unravelled it and let me tell you (I’m SO not joking) I gasped!

I was literally taken aback at how wonderful it turned out and I can say that with all honesty. The chart was exactly how it was pictured on the website but, as a biased mommy would say, even better!


It had Gabriella’s name and my little Peanut all dressed up at the bottom of the chart, the quality and feel of the actual chart is amazing. My

Hubby works in the printing business and he was very impressed with the quality of the printing of the charts and banners. Not to mention the editing behind the picture was flawless. I showed my sister and she was melting over it like I was. I wrapped it and put it back in the box and went to pick Gabriella up from school.

As soon as we came back, I told her I had a surprise for her and of course, those are the magical words for any kid. I presented her with the little box and she excitedly opened it.
Gabby is shocked by seeing herself on a Look Who's Growing Growth Charts.
She smiles as she looks at the growth chart.
Gabby holds her new growth chart in the air.

Wanna see her reaction?

She is loving seeing her name on the growth chart. Finally getting to the bottom, only to see a picture of herself. All you could hear was *GASP*

So, it’s safe to say this growth chart is most definitely kid-approved!

Now, how does it work? One would think it was fairly easy (and it is) but, if you aren’t sure, inside the box’s contents lies a print-out sheet with instructions.
Gabby posing on the growth chart and Darasak measuring where to place the banner.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Measure 2 ft/60 cm from the floor.
2. Align that point with the 2 ft/60 cm marking on your chart.
3. Secure the top of the chart using thumbtacks, hooks or 2-sided tape and you’re ready to go!

I’m really loving the chart, it’s versatile (you can measure in ft or inches), decorative and stylish and the best part of all, it’s personalized. That is really the selling point for me and what attracted me to it.

It really is a piece of art and I guarantee that every chart is professional grade. I am extremely happy with the chart and like I said, I couldn’t stop gushing over it. They make excellent gifts and definitely make great keepsakes for when they get older.

So, hold on to a little part of their youth.

Chart their growth the old-fashioned way (entering data in a phone is so not memorable) and do it together, I guarantee you, your kids will love it.

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I want to thank the lovely people over at ‘Look Who’s Growing’ for sending me a chart and allowing me the opportunity to chart Gabriella’s growth. I cannot express how much I’m really head over heels with it.

Do you want to have one for your child?

Let me know, til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. Yup yup! Very easy to install and the quality is amazing!!! Coming from a printing field and we do similar products like this but in a banner or poster form with the same material, I was impressed with the design! Two thumbs up for " look how's growing" (ô_~)/ highly recommended for parents who want to track their kids growth!

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