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Want a Booty Shaper?

Want a Booty Shaper!

I’m a shoe lover kinda gal.

If you want to get specific, I’m a boot fanatic.

I think the majority of my shoe collection, which has vastly grown in the last few years, consists mainly of boots. I have leather, suede, Uggs, Fuggs (fake Uggs LOL) black, brown–even pleather! Heels, moccasins, flip-flops, wedges and flats.

You name it, I probably have it.

(And NOPE, that’s not MY shoe collection. I have about half that and I only wish they were that organized!)

As you can imagine, it’s quite an investment after a while and sadly, I’ve lost a few of my favorite pairs of boots simply because they’ve been sitting in my walk-in closet, patiently waiting to be worn and have developed ugly creases from neatly sitting there flopped over to one side.

(By lost I mean I thought they looked too ugly to wear. *sadface* In risk of sounding completely narcissistic & in my defense, shoes are my only vice! πŸ˜‰ )

Maybe they were sad because they hadn’t been worn in a while and they just slumped over in defeat, well, I want happy, gorgeous, immaculate boots!

These make mama happy.

So, when the thoughtful team from Booty Shapers offered to send me a solution to my little boot problem (nope, not the one where I STOP buying them, sorry Hubby), I jumped at it.

Now, I have a fairly inexpensive solution to keep my boots immaculate until they are ready to be worn again. Thus saving me a lot of money and helping me preserve my favorite boots.


How you ask?

My saviour goes by the name of Booty Shapers! I received a size small in Paisley Pennach which is great for ankle and calf-length boots and a size extra-large in African Safari (which was my favorite) that is ideal for all knee and thigh high boots. I have both of these sizes and I think my old friends could use a lift.  All you have to do is simply blow them up and insert them into the boot and when not in use you just deflate them.


Lo and behold. They are standing erect and crease-free! I’ve left them for over a week and here they remain unscathed by the power of gravity. This makes me very happy.

I absolutely recommend this product to any boot enthusiast and aficionado like myself or even for a person who may own just a pair or two who want to keep them immaculate during the summer months when they are not in use. With Christmas around the corner, they make for excellent stocking stuffers and for the price of $9.99, you can’t really go wrong.

The functionality and practicality highly protect your boot investment. I’m going to order quite a few to keep my boots crease and wrinkle free. The only thing I can complain about is that I had a hard time blowing them up, maybe it’s just my lung capacity (or lack of pump) but, I borrowed the power of Hubby’s lungs to blow them up.

Other than that, they are double thumbs-up!

Booty shapers logo Small

So where can you get them?

They are available worldwide and there are quite a few places that offer them. Here is a short list of where you can order them year round for under $10.

Have you ever used booty shapers?

Let me know, til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. I thought that from your title you had meant booty as in bum shaper…LOL!
    I went to the site to shop around and there is a message that says it's closed until the 18th, but I did get a peek at one that had butterflies on it and I love LOVE butterflies and would totally love them.
    I already subscribe to you πŸ˜‰

  2. These are the coolest things I have seen! I am so excited to learn abou them. First I thought that was your shoe closet and I was soooo envious!

    1. LOL! I wish… Well, I have half that which Hubby hates cuz there's TONS! But, a girl can never have too much shoes! I think! It's awesome, I'm ordering tons for allll my boots. Awesome for thigh-highs! They look funny though!

  3. Hi again Nancy…here is my entry.

    I went to the site too and get the message about the site being closed…but I like the ones with the Paisleys.

    I just got my first pair of thigh high boots so these would come in totally handy!

    Oh, and I already subscribe too!

  4. Darn, I thought it was for the butt, too!

    But they will definitely come in handy as boot shaper, too πŸ™‚

    I "liked" your facebook and am following on Twitter


  5. Bahahaha I totally thought this article was talking about 'bum' shapers I was SUPER excited for a minute there! I could definitly use some help in that area πŸ˜€

    But yea they do look really awesome. I too had the same problem with my 'fuggly' (I used your word :D) creases when I took my boots out after the summer.

    If I don't win the draw I will definitly purchase a pair from Bed Bath & Beyond to give them a try.

    I'll let you know how they work for me!

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