The ABCs of Maintaining a Happy Home

A basket filled with books on a white table. A gold mug and dish and flowers also sit on the table. Just an example of the ABCs of maintaining a happy home.

The ABCs of Maintaining a Happy Home

Everybody deserves to live in a happy home environment. However, many homeowners fail to ever truly take control of the situation.

It’s because they allow it to become an unconquerable mountain. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

In fact, it’s possible to transform the situation in just three easy steps. Just remember your ABCs.


The simple luxuries can make a world of difference to your home life. Especially when they add convenience.

Automation has evolved at a rapid rate, particularly in relation to home tech. Adding remote monitored cameras and security will inevitably deliver peace of mind. It also protects your family.

However, it’s not just about security. Saving a few valuable minutes and cutting out unnecessary tasks can be equally rewarding.

Merlin garage door remotes are a simple investment that can put you in a positive mood before you’ve even stepped inside.

Smart technology that allows you to set room temperatures and lighting setups is a huge plus for us too!

In addition to automation, you can look to make upgrades suited to your lifestyle. Instant boiling water taps, accessible baths, and energy-efficient systems are just some of the examples.

When supported by automated sprinklers, you can spend less time managing the home and more time enjoying it.

Pretty perfect, huh?


The perfect property and the dream home are two very different things. Frankly, one of the key differences is personality.

If the home doesn’t boast the characteristics that truly make it feel like yours, it’ll be impossible to truly feel happy inside it.

For starters, adding one luxury product that you’ve always wanted will transform the atmosphere.

A winning property should tell the homeowner’s store. Printed family photos as canvas art can make a huge impact.

They brighten up the mood, particularly when you are feeling down.

They can be supported further with holiday souvenirs and other sentimental items that feel special to you.

The fact that they carry little meaning to other people means very little.

The emotional rewards gained from knowing that the home has been sculpted in your image can make all the difference.

Extensions, patio conversions, and interior reconfigurations can all take this to another level. Truthfully, it doesn’t require major investments to make your house feel like home.


Cleanliness is next to godliness in every sense of the homeowners’ manual. The right tech automation, which extends to robotic vacuums, will help. If it’s possible, of course!

Habitual changes are important too. Learning to focus on regular cleaning rather than letting it pile up helps a lot. Crucially, it aids your mindset too. Though life as a parent, that isn’t always possible, we try our best.

The interior design choices are where you can truly make the process easier. These bedroom upgrades underline the need for storage and organization.

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Where possible, any furniture or design ideas that can save valuable floor space should be grabbed with both hands. This will reduce your housework chores while also making rooms appear bigger.

Further steps to build aesthetic beauty include increased natural light and lighter color schemes.

Removing any sense of claustrophobia should be at the top of your list too.

I know I’ve thrown a lot of information at you. When these tips are used in conjunction with the other steps mentioned above, your home will retain its glory for many years to come.

Do you have any tips on maintaining a happy home?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A basket filled with books on a white table. A gold mug and dish and flowers also sit on the table. Just an example of the ABCs of maintaining a happy home.

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