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A Guide to Creating a Men’s Outfit for a Formal Event

A man is dressed in a blue suit. He looks prim and proper. This article covers a guide to creating a men's outfit for a formal event.

A Guide to Creating a Men’s Outfit for a Formal Event

While fashion is often thought to be something that only women care about, that’s simply not true. In fact, many men also enjoy putting together an outfit, especially for formal events. 

That being said, you may only now be discovering that you enjoy this. Perhaps you don’t have any clue how to put together a men’s outfit.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

This post will be guiding you through a few things that you can do to create a men’s outfit for a formal event. 

Think About the Shoes

Let’s start with something simple: the shoes. Of course, you may choose to put your whole outfit together and then find shoes that match.

You can always start from the bottom and work your way up as well.

If you decide to go this route, you should start by deciding which shoes you want to wear, and then try to match that with an outfit. 

If you don’t have any formal shoes, you might want to invest in a pair.

Be sure to pick shoes that are comfortable and also make you feel confident, like these elevator dress shoes

Try to Match with Your Date

If you’re going to an event solo, you can wear whatever you want. But if you will be going on a date, it’s a good idea for both of you to discuss your outfits beforehand so that you can match. 

Keep in mind that matching with your date doesn’t mean you need to have identical outfits.

Rather that your outfits and the colors in them should complement each other rather than clash with each other.

This is especially important if you will be taking lots of photos throughout the night!

Keep the Dress Code in Mind

Knowing that an event is formal already eliminates multiple options when it comes to what you should wear, as it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear casual clothes. 

That being said, there are various different formal dress codes, so you need to make sure that you know what to wear for each.

This will largely depend on the event.

For example, a wedding will likely be either formal or black tie. Either way, sticking to the dress code makes you a good guest.

If you have a lot of weddings coming up, be sure to have an emergency wedding kit ready for you and your date. 

Choose the Right Colors

Next, you need to choose the right colors for the outfit. Depending on the event, you may not have a say in this.

If you are part of the groom’s party at a wedding, for example, your outfit will be pre-selected. 

However, if that’s not the case, you are in charge of choosing the colors for your outfit, so try to make sure that you pick colors that work well together.

Also keep in mind that different colors suit different people, so if possible, opt for colors that work for your skin.

If you want to take things a bit further and do a color analysis of your skin, click here to learn more. 

Select a Breathable Shirt 

One of the best tips we can give you is to select a breathable shirt. Even if it’s the dead of winter, you should avoid thick materials that will lock in your body heat when you are choosing a shirt.

You can always opt for a thicker jacket to make up for the breathable shirt. 

When we are at an event, it’s natural for our bodies to get warmer. It’s no fun to have a sweaty shirt clinging to you all day, which is why you should try to choose a breathable material

Opt for Good Pants

As you can imagine, if you are headed to a formal event, jeans, sweatpants, and even shorts are generally frowned upon, so you need to choose a more formal type of pants. 

However, these pants can often be quite stiff and restrictive.

So when you are trying them on, be sure to move around in them to make sure that you are comfortable.

Walk around, sit down and stand up, and just make sure that the pants are the right size.

Ones that fit you in a way that looks good, and don’t restrict your movement. 

Get Yourself Some Accessories

Finally, if you want to round out an outfit and make it look amazing, you need some accessories.

Don’t panic; you don’t need to go overboard or do anything drastic if you don’t want to. 

That being said, a few simple accessories can really tie a look together.

Grab a good belt, a classy wallet, and maybe some cuff links, and you’re good to go!

Take a Jacket 

Some formal events will require that you wear a jacket, such as events where you are wearing a suit. You need to make sure that you have a formal jacket that works with your outfit and is comfortable. 

But even if you are going to an event that doesn’t require a jacket, you should bring a jacket.

Yup, that’s right – take one, even if you don’t think you need it.

Trust us, it’s better to have a jacket and not use it than to need a jacket and not have one.

So make sure to always have a decent jacket on hand.

Ready to Get Dressed?

That’s it! We hope that this post gave you some helpful tips for creating an amazing men’s outfit for a formal event. 

If you are passionate about men’s fashion, formal events can be a great way of helping you figure out your style.

If you feel clueless and overwhelmed about what to wear, we hope that this post made it easier. Especially when it comes to a plan for creating an outfit.

You can always refer back to this if you have a formal event coming up and you are at a loss for what to wear.  

Do you have anything to add to this guide to creating a men’s outfit for a formal event?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A man is dressed in a blue suit. He looks prim and proper. This article covers a guide to creating a men's outfit for a formal event.

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