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Mimi’s First Hair Cut

Mimi's First Hair Cut!

A little reluctant at first but, she was quite curious as to what we had in store for her!

Mimi's First Hair Cut!

Uh oh… “Why are they wetting my hair Mom?”

Mimi's First Hair Cut!

Then the snip, snip, snipping started and Mimi was still.

Mimi's First Hair Cut!

All done! She’s all smiles here with Daddy!

Mimi's First Hair Cut!

I call her my little Pixie!

Mimi's First Hair Cut!

Mimi’S First Hair Cut.

Here is my little fatty girl, in her new pixie haircut! So, we survived her first haircut with absolutely no fuss. She was wide-eyed and looking around and gathered quite the crowd of stylists. LOL. She was quite the curious one and enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror. She moved around a bit, to see what the stylist was doing, but other then that she was very good. Completely surprised us all, I thought we were going to have a hard time.

Any advice I can give you?

Not really, considering I was expecting the worst.

My only tip would be to have your baby rested and in good spirits before you go. Go with the flow! That and make sure you bring your good camera! I guess I was kinda worried and totally forgot to bring my DSLR (as you can tell my the first few pics are iPhone pics) so, make sure to bring your camera for great pics!

I did take tons afterwards with it so, I redeemed myself! πŸ˜›

We were sent home with a certificate of her first hair cut and her gorgeous, soft, downy hair for remembrance.

So bittersweet and adorb! How were your first hair cut experiences? Any interesting or funny stories? I’d love to hear them!

Til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. Love that she already has the whole accessorising thing down!

    Sometimes it a good thing to expect the worst, then when the world doesn't end we think we handled it all rather well!

    1. Haha! It was really pleasant just walking away without incident. My oldest DD absolutely loves going to the salon and getting her hair done. She always has, hope Mimi is the same!

  2. Those are adorable….just beware! My mom used to make me get a pixie all the time when I was younger and I've never forgiven her πŸ™‚

    Of course I wasn't that cute- I had a big ol' cowlick in the front. My mom would tape my bangs down with scotch tape and hairspay them to death. As soon as I sat in my seat on the bus…BOING! The cowlick would stick up. Oh well!

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    1. Haha! Those are memories! I think the pixie haircut is cute for now! I know I used to have the bowl haircut… Oh boy! I hated it. I wonder if the girls will look back and think– "What was my mom thinking?" LOL, they probably will!

      Anyway, I will most definitely check them out! TTYS!

  3. Well of course she was happy – she was a girl at a salon!! I'm surprised she didn't order up a paraffin manicure and a facial while she was there!!!!

    1. Hi Paula! I know, my oldest always wants to go out for pedicures! She likes them just like her mama! We do manicures and facials at home. I love having girls! Though, I do want a boy one day!

  4. I love the hair cut an the little bow.

    My daughter was 4 before I ever cut her hair, but my poor son is not even one and I have given him four trims.



  5. I love the hair cut an the little bow. What a cutie patootie! She likes them just like her mama! They’re all so different eh?

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