The Lowdown on Making a Statement With Statement Rings

A close up of a woman's arms and skirt, her statement rings are the focus. She has the tips of her blond hair showing.

The Lowdown on Making a Statement With Statement Rings

If you want to make a bold and unique statement, then statement rings are an excellent way to do it.

Statement rings are created for anyone wanting to add more than just a difference to their outfit.

They are strong expressions of boldness, and if you want to stand out, this is a great way to accomplish it.

Statement rings have been around for decades and worn by both men and women.

Read on for making a statement with statement rings!

Defining the Statement Ring

The most classic of all statement rings is the cocktail ring. It is distinctive because of its oversized stone in the center.

Think of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet with their stones and motif rings.

The trend of statement rings is believed to have begun in the 1920s in America. Women used it as a symbol of rebellion against the Prohibition the entire country was experiencing.

For women especially, it was used mainly to attend parties, gatherings, as well as social and political events. This happened between the 1920s throughout the 1950s.

It was a bold statement for women to express independence, freedom, and status.

Eventually, it became a standard fashion accessory in women’s wardrobe.

Statement rings are worn by both men and women, except they are different in design, shape, and size.

The main thing is they are big and bold, and meant to create a statement.

How to Wear Statement Rings

A statement ring was traditionally meant to be worn on the right hand or the middle or ring finger.

However, as with fashion, there are no restrictions.

Men and women wear it on whichever finger that’s most flattering and comfortable.

There are no restrictions. Some women even wear statement rings on both hands, and like Beyoncé, she wears them on multiple fingers.

There’s no general rule to wearing statement rings as long as you have an outfit and occasion in mind.

You get to pair them to suit your tastes and flaunt it whichever way you desire.

A Feminism Symbol

You’d never think that a cocktail ring could be the start of the feminism symbol of the USA in the 1920s, but it’s true.

It was when feminism kickstarted in a decade where the Prohibition Law came into place. A law that made alcohol consumption illegal.

At this point in time, the flapper girls, rebellious as they were, would attend parties and soirees, anyway. They’d wear dresses and jewelry.

They would raise their right hand with a huge ring, signaling to the bartender to order their drinks.

Because of this, the statement ring of the decade was called the cocktail ring.

Statements for Every Occasion

There are no rules if you want to wear a statement ring today. Except to make a statement, of course.

You can wear it on any finger and any hand. For every occasion, there’s a statement ring for that.

In the office, (because you’d be typing on your laptop and keyboard for at least 7 hours each day), it’s best to go for a statement ring that doesn’t inhibit the movement of your fingers.

For formal events, go big or go home. This is where you pop up your biggest, brightest, and most glamorous rings.

Casual occasions call for quirky and playfully designed rings that are sure to become conversation starters among friends.

The Kind of Statement Ring That Suits Your Hand Shape

If you’re finding it hard to buy or pick a statement ring for yourself, here are some guidelines to help you:

  • For petite hands, go for a slim band and a simple design that complements the structure of your hand.
  • If you have long fingers, you can definitely carry off striking and big designs.
  • Wide fingers (like mine) are great for https://jewelrylab.co/collections/large-rings that have a huge width.
  • Short fingers work well for elongated statement rings that are designed to make your fingers look longer.

Tips for Styling Your Outfit With Your Ring

There’s no hard and fast rule to this as long as you feel confident to pull it off.

That said, here are some guidelines if you’re finding it hard to decide what ring goes with what outfit:

  • Pick your clothes first, then your ring. You’ll have a better idea of what ring would complement your outfit better.
  • Pattern designs on your outfit often go well with a solid coloured ring. This way, the ring won’t clash with the outfit and will actually be able to stand out.
  • Plain-colored or monotoned clothing goes perfectly well with rings that have multicoloured gems.
  • Enhance your ring’s statement by pairing a brightly-coloured statement ring against white, grey, or black clothing. Think turquoise against black, amethyst against white, and ruby red against the grey.

How to Care for Your Rings

Statement ring or not, giving your rings that extra care and attention means you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Here are some easy tips to follow to ensure your rings are in good condition:

  • Put your clothes on first, and then accessorize with rings and other accessories. Do the opposite when you want to take off your clothes. This prevents snagging on your clothes and prevents any stones or gems from breaking off from your ring.
  • Check the claws of your rings regularly.
  • Clean them with a brush with soft bristles, warm water, and gentle soap.
  • When doing household chores and cleaning, or even cooking, take your rings off. It’s not only hygienic, but it also prevents any solutions from discolouring the ring.
  • Get your rings insured, especially if they are expensive.
  • Store them in jewelry boxes, separate from where you keep other accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and cufflinks.

ARe you ready to make a statement?

The statement ring is definitely meant to make a statement.

It can dress up even the most normal-looking outfits. Remember that jewelry aftercare is also essential to ensure that your favourite pieces are always in good condition.

When it comes to trends, it’s hard to say that statement rings aren’t versatile and sustainable.

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Even if you purchased one 10 years ago, you could still wear them today with the right outfits.

Your creativity is your limit.

Do you have a favourite statement ring in your wardrobe?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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