Test Driving the NEW 2016 Honda Pilot Touring SUV! #CampHonda

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The NEW 2016 Honda Pilot Touring.
A complete beaut.

Let’s be honest, that in itself is an understatement. I had the chance to test out the brand new 2016 Honda Pilot Touring earlier this month. The idea was to try it out and to see how it fits in our family and then drive up to Camp Honda in Windermere, Ontario in the Muskokas. Camp Honda is two days of pure fun and a firsthand look at all of the products that Honda has to offer. 

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Sleek and Streamlined.

If you are familiar with the Honda Pilot, you’ll know that the first two generations are squared and boxy. While some people absolutely love that look, I am more than happy that the third-gen Pilot has been streamlined and it has sleek and attractive curves. I think that it is a great improvement in design and more appealing to those who tend to stay away from boxy vehicles.  

In this particular vehicle, the color is something that makes it stand out, it’s a Steel Sapphire Metallic. The heated side view mirrors are body-colored and includes expanded view driver’s mirror. It’s a 4-door hatchback that oozes utility. The $53, 359.75 price tag is not too shabby either and I think, worth every penny.

The head lights are bright and perfect for highway driving, exclusive to the Touring, the projector-beam LED head lights with auto-leveling will self-adjust according to the terrain. If you are going over a bumpy road, it will continue to point down when you hit the first bump and keeps the light on the road. So, you can say good-bye to confusing over drivers that you are blinking your headlights at them with this feature and your path will always be lit.

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Push to Start.

The push start button is becoming more and more popular in vehicles and I must admit, I am a fan. Staring the Touring is as simple as that, you press a button and the engine rares up. One exclusive Touring option is the proximity key entry system that will start lock your doors and start your engine for you. It will keep your car at the optimal temperature by either increasing or decreasing the heat or AC.

To shift gears, it is all done by pressing buttons. I find this is very helpful when you want to move from reverse to drive and then to park quickly. 

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Strong and Reliable.

As far as speed, the Honda Pilot can kick up to 280 HP and pulls a 260 lb. -ft of torque. It has a 9-speed automatic transmission with Grade Logic Control and comes equipped with paddle shifters.  So, if you want the feel of a little more manual control, it’s there. Its 3.5-liter V-6 powers the front or all four wheels. It just depends on what terrain you are on and what the weather is life. The gorgeous 20″ aluminum-alloy wheels are exclusive to the Touring and definitely give it more of a sporty feel.

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Space and Comfort.

The Honda Pilot seats up to 7 and once you open the door, you will be astounded by the amount of room that this vehicle provides. The back seat has plenty of leg room and it is perfect for not only city driving but, long distance family driving as well. 

The Touring has heated and ventilated front and heated second row seats. One of the features that was popular with our family is the panoramic moon roof. The girls enjoyed being able to look up at night and to have natural lighting during the day. 


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Safety and Security.

I’m a car junkie AND a mom of two and let’s face it, as much as I’d love to drive a sports car (I will again), I always look for a vehicle that is family friendly. The Touring has amazing features that make driving a breeze and that have security in mind every second you are operating the vehicle. You will find ­Adaptive cruise control, lane-departure ­warning, forward-collision warning with ­automatic braking, lane-keeping assist and blind-spot warning.

All of these are super helpful features but, I especially loved the blind-spot warning light. It was an extra security measure to make sure the coast was clear besides turning your head. The adaptive cruise control was perfect for our 6-hour drive up to Camp Honda since it would adapt to the speed and the traffic on its own. On the highway, a car quickly cut us off and the Pilot immediately hit the brakes for us and a collision was avoided. 

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Keep Them Entertained.

Whenever you are doing a lot of driving with kids, well, it can be a challenge. The Pilot Touring is equipped to keep them entertained. With a Blu-Ray DVD player and wireless headphones, they’re set for hours. One of the perks I like about the Blu-Ray DVD system is that Dara and I can listen to the Sirius XM at the same time they listen to their movie through the headphones. We are all entertained. The large LCD screen is like a built-in tablet with amazing clarity and quick response.

There are plenty of cup holders to stock up on snacks and drinks and I happen to love the cargo space. There’s a reversible cargo panel for the messy stuff, like sports gear or work boots! You can even fit an 82-quart cooler in this space, so hello tail gating or soccer snack break!

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Comfort and Style.

To say that Dara fell in love with the Honda Pilot Touring is an understatement and so did I. The ride is smooth, comfortable and the extra features make driving it a breeze. It helps with all the safety that you need while driving and the rear-camera parking assist is a plus for this Mom who isn’t a fan of parking.

I recommend this vehicle for parents who love the comfort and space of a minivan but, crave the thrill of driving a 4WD SUV. It’s the best of both worlds. Also, for the size of the vehicle the MPG is pretty decent. 

Now that you know a bit about the ride, join us at Camp Honda and see a quick recap of our time there. I’ll also be sharing more about all the activities we did and more information about all the products that we learned about there.

Have you test drove a Honda lately?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. Nice looking vehicle and from your review it sound like it is a great ride. We have never owned a Honda but might be worth checking into one next time we are looking for one.

  2. Loving the features and space in this! With a family of six and needing to use two car seats still, we are looking for lots of space!

  3. I haven't had or driven a push to start vehicle yet but I'm just as excited as you are about the technology. The Honda Pilot looks like a nice sleek, spacious vehicle for those looking for a classy commute, or even an elevated family car.

  4. This sounds like a nice car and has features that I would love. Blind spot warning is one of my favourite features and my next car will have it for sure.

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