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Our Adventure with Thomas the Tank Engine: The Day out with Thomas™: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014 Was a Blast! #DayWithThomas


Thomas the Tank Engine.

He was the guest of honor in St. Thomas yesterday. We had the good fortune to have taken a ride on good ole Thomas and we simply had a blast. We had a perfect sunny day to enjoy the event, if you remember; we were super excited about being able to enjoy a day full of excitement, fun and TRAINS. We were given a map guide with information and if we collected stamps throughout the event, the kids would get a prize at the end!







Fun-Filled Activities.

We were excited to have our tickets for the 4:15 P.M. train ride aboard Thomas the Tank Engine but, we arrived early to be able to take in all of the activities that the Day out with Thomas™: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014 offers.

Since the sun was high in the sky, we decided to head indoors to enjoy all of the interactive fun. Gabby loved the two huge bouncy castles and while it was really busy, everyone got a turn and had a great time. Mimi bee-lined to get all Thomas swagged-out with Thomas the Tank Engine stickers and to get a Thomas the Tank Engine tattoo.





We made our way through the Imagination Stations and collected stamps while we did. The girls made door knob signs that we were adorned with their names, glitter and well, more, glitter! They colored, played with play dough, used stamps and Mimi designed her own engineer hat. We looked through the train displays and they were a sight to see! To see Thomas and the gang in action was awesome! The girls loved the Digital Playstation and spent quite some time there!

Next on the agenda? Playing with trains! While there were tons of kids there, Mimi dived right in and started playing with the trains. It was the cutest thing to see all the kids pushing their little tank engines on the tracks! She quite enjoyed playing here and it was great to see!






Outdoor Fun!

We headed outside to check out all of the festivities. A very special person was greeting all the children and parents, someone we all know very well, a gentleman– none other than Sir Topham Hatt®! The line was pretty long to see him but, Mimi was a bit apprehensive and while I think Sir Topham Hatt® is super cute and cuddly, she was a bit scared! But, all the kids loved him.

We decided to stop and play in the bubble maker machine and get glitter tattoos! The girls both decided on Hibiscus flowers and then we headed over to the Island of Sodor’s hay maze! They had fun running through the maze and loved the challenge. We waited in line for balloon animals but, of course Mimi decided to get a Thomas the Tank Engine and Gabby chose a cute puppy. 





Our train time was scheduled for 4:15 P.M. and after cooling off in the Misty Islands (a tent with mist), around 3:50 P.M., we headed towards the boarding station to take our ride aboard Thomas the Tank Engine! The girls were excited after hearing Thomas blow his whistle and make his way into the station to pick them up. They were amazed to see Thomas moving his eyes to look at them and opening his mouth! 




The Thrill of the Ride!

The girls absolutely loved getting on the train and were excited as they sat in their seats waiting for Thomas the Tank Engine to leave the station! They have never been on a “real” train and while I’ve been on my fair share, I can’t say that I wasn’t thrilled to be aboard Thomas the Tank Engine. Let’s be real, we all grew up with him and it was fantastic to say the least!

The train was authentic, with wide open windows and comfy seats. We made our way through the outskirts of St. Thomas and took in the sights of the small town. We were greeted by so many townspeople who were there to smile and wave! The girls loved this part and were waving to them and also to the people who were in their cars waiting for us to pass! They were all nice enough to wave back or honk! Our ride was 25 minutes long and then we had a chance to take a picture with the big guy himself!


Day Out with Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014!

Get here before it’s too late! There is only ONE weekend left to take a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine and to take in all of what this fun-filled event offers little engineers and their families. Not to mention, you get to enjoy all of these activities complimentary with the purchase of your ticket. Get your TICKETS, here.

More INFO:
  • Where: St. Thomas – Elgin Memorial Centre, 80 Wilson Avenue, St. Thomas, Ontario, N5R 3R2
  • When: July 25,26,27, 
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Set train ride times are specified on your ticket but include access to activities on the grounds for the entire day!
  • Get your tickets now before Thomas leaves for his next tour stop!
  • $25 plus tax for ages 2 and up
  • Call Ticketweb toll-free 888.222.6608, or visit www.ticketweb.ca/dowt or www.ecrm5700.org. 



WIN a Family 4-Pack to Ride!

Seeing as there is only one more weekend to enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine and a day of fun-filled activities, enter to win a family 4 pack to attend Day out with Thomas- Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014! The winner will receive tickets to attend on Sunday July 27, 2014 with a scheduled train ride at 3:30pm. This contest ends July 24, 2014 at 9:00am EST and is only open to Ontario residents. You must by 18 years and older to enter. See full contest rules and conditions in the widget below.

Would you take a ride aboard Thomas the Tank Engine?

Let me know, til then–good luck and cheers m’deres!







Note: This post was brought to you by Elgin County Railway Museum via SheBlogs. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Elgin County Railway Museum.

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  1. What a fun event! my kids all love Thomas the Train and trains period! That would be a lot of fun for them to attend!

  2. No way! This has to be the coolest thing ever. My kids have been Thomas fans since they were wee babies and they still know every word to the theme song. Thanks for sharing your day with us

  3. We went to this a few times when my kids were smaller. We always loved getting to ride on Thomas.

  4. I've always heard great things about this event. I know my kids would love to ride on a Thomas train! Every time it comes to Dallas we miss it.

  5. Oh my goodness, my son would LOVE this! He LOVES his "choo-choos" Looks like there were activities for the whole family!

  6. What a great adventure. Look at the kids smiles.I love your family posts. Thomas the tank and train is such fun.My girls have grown up so I am living vicariously through you until I have grandbabies haha. Thank you so much for even making me want to visit and see the smiles.
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  7. Looks like a great day! My son loves all things Thomas!
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  8. Wow, I remember loving Thomas like 20 plus years ago!! It is nice to see he is still around and going strong!

  9. That would be such a blast! My twins love Thomas, I need to take them to something like this before they get any older!

  10. Look at those smiles! My little boys would love to have a day out with Thomas! They've just hit that love trains phase!

  11. What kid doesn't love Thomas?? My son adored him and the entire cast years ago….my little girl is a little too young to have enjoyed the day with Thomas….hopefully he'll be back next year! Fingers crossed 🙂

    Looks like your girls had a blast, great photos!

  12. WOW what an amazing day you and your family had!! it's nice that they had a whole event of things to do other than just ride the train, I would of loved to have gone, but my girls are to old and my grandchild to young, hopefully Thomas will be back!!! I'm glad the girls had so much fun, you can see the sparkle in their eye's they looked so happy!!

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