Mastering an Old-World Décor Style for Your Bedroom

Mastering an Old-World Décor Style for Your Bedroom.

Mastering an Old-World Décor Style for Your Bedroom.

If you’re passionate about antiques and have a soft spot for elegant designs, then you’re going to find old-world décor is right up your street. This stunning interior trend combines traditional features with bold details and the result is truly breath-taking.

Whether you’re transforming your current bedroom in a luxurious boudoir, or you want to introduce some delicate touches to give an Old-World touch, these design tips will help you to master this classic style.

Traditional Textures

With Old-World décor comes an array of traditional textures that make the room burst with character. Combining a selection of different textures helps to make the décor style unique, with the different styles making it different for every person. The perfect example of this would be the texture of the light oak furniture, , complimenting the textures of the thick, frilled bedding and lighter materials used for drapes and curtains. Combining all of the different materials helps to keep the style strong and clear, whilst making sure the Old-World theme is enhanced. Plus, reclaimed wood never goes out of style.

Pretty Palettes

Old-World décor combines a selection of key colours to create the perfect palette. Starting with a touch of yellow, you then see an introduction of browns, blues and greys to finish the palette off. Within Old-World décor, you find that different sections will have specific colours. Blue bedding and curtains, deep brown floorboards and bed frames.

Even yellow walls and added details. By sectioning each colour off rather than merging them all together, you gain a real feel for the traditional décor style. The palettes are a pretty balance of light shades. It enables the overall look to be luxurious and elegant. Plus, the touches of gold and dark brown add some drama to the scheme.

Curved Edges

A very strong feature within Old-World décor is curved edges. You’ll instantly notice that the majority of furniture pieces designed with Old-World in mind include extravagant curved detailing. This helps to add a French feel to the décor and makes it that little bit more glamorous. hether it’s the headboard, mirror frame, toppers to the drawers or even the chaise long, you’ll be able to introduce some beautiful curved pieces to enhance the décor style and make the room burst with character.

Relaxing & Calm

Dating back to when the Old-World décor style first came to light, there has been an added touch of relaxation throughout the interiors. You’ll find that this décor style will include some grand chairs positioned at one end of the bedroom. Often, you’ll find two for the occupants to use when relaxing and taking time out for themselves.

These features make the room suitable for more than just sleeping. Now you can relax, read, and so on. Whilst the chairs may be of a neutral colour scheme, they should then be dressed with bold details. Choose cushions or throws to enhance the interior style and add character to the pieces.

Age of Antiques

To really capture the feel of an Old-World style, you need to incorporate authentic antiques to draw the décor together. Spending an afternoon searching through some beautiful antique shops is the perfect way to find exactly what you need to finish off your bedroom perfectly. The antiques help to add a romantic, French touch to the décor. One that will enhance the character and add an elegant feel overall.

Do you like the old world style?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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