5 Incentives For Passing Your Driving Test

A woman holds the steering wheel while she drives. This article covers incentives for passing your driving test.

5 Incentives For Passing Your Driving Test

Driving a car isn’t a necessity. Perhaps you prefer to use public transport or maybe you’ve put your driving test on the back burner for so long that you’re still waiting to get around to it.

There are many advantages to being a driver that can make taking your driving test all worth it.

If you’ve developed anxiety about taking a driving test, it’s a good idea to find an incentive for getting it done. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Road Trip

Staycations are becoming ever more popular. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people found themselves unable to travel outside of their own countries.

This resulted in a lot of families forced to take staycations.

However, many families found that they preferred staycations to going abroad. They’re often cheaper and much easier to plan for.

If you’d like to do a staycation, driving will be a big help. All you need to do is plan your route and get in the car.


Have you ever wanted to drive a lamborghini or a ferrari? There are many experience days where drivers can spend some time in supercars and even race them on a track while being videoed.

Perhaps you always had a dream car when you were growing up.

Doing a drive test and getting your license is the best way to take one step closer to that dream. The only thing you need to book an experience day is a valid driving license.


Perhaps there’s a particular career you’re working towards. Do you know that employers favorably look upon candidates who can drive?

If you can drive, you can get to work without the hassle that public transport can sometimes offer.

In addition, you can get yourself to training courses or networking events without your employer needing to arrange transport.

Getting your driving license could be exactly what you need to get the job you’ve always wanted.

Spontaneous Getaways

Life can be stressful and it’s important to take breaks when you need them. Getting away, even if it’s only for twenty four hours, can do you the world of good.

It’s a great way to change your perspective and return feeling rejuvenated.

If you can drive, you don’t have to do too much planning. All you need to do is pack up the car and head off to a location of your choice for some R&R.

Other Skills

Sometimes driving can be a stepping stone to other skills. If you find you’re a natural at driving, you may want to think about getting a motorbike license too.

Or you could think about driving vans and trucks for employment.

Driving can open up a whole new world of opportunities that you may never have thought about before.

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For instance, if your reaction times are good when driving, it could mean you’re a good fit for the police or the army.

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Do you know any other incentives for passing your driver’s test?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A woman holds the steering wheel while she drives. This article covers incentives for passing your driving test.

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