Get That Boho Style: Home Decor For Those That Love Nature

A beautiful boho kitchen with a dining room table. Has green florals and warm tones. This article covers how to get that boho style for those that love nature.

Get That Boho Style: Home Decor For Those That Love Nature

A Boho styled home has been a trend since the 80s, and as a modern homeowner, it’s probably one you’re after.

Indeed, the Boho style itself is very chic, and it can be a reflection of the contemporary style that pulls from all decades and eras that have come before.

As such, you’re left with a home that feels like it represents you, with a good love of the organic mixed in. 

That’s what makes it such a great aesthetic – it reuses and recycles, mixes and matches, and gives you a space to be proud of.

But if you’re not a professional interior designer, it can be a hard aesthetic to pin down.

So let’s offer some advice here. Check out the points below to get started with your own Boho look – it’ll revolutionize your space like nothing else!

Textures are Very Important

Boho is all about mixing various textures to fill up your life. From rattan style furniture to a velvety smooth table cover to a wallpaper that feels scratchy to the touch.

These all count under the Boho way of life.

Invest in some items that will bring these new senses to your living space. Even if you just buy a new rug that’s threaded at the edges.

It’ll be a good start to this new, natural look for your home. 

Plants are Needed Absolutely Everywhere

The Boho style favors plants and natural life above all else. As such, this is your sign to hit the shops and buy as many seeds, seedlings, and plant pots as possible.

You’re going to want to cover your home in plants to get that cosy, natural look. It’s actually a lot easier to look after these little green stunners than you might think! 

Try to vary your plants here. Get some big ones that’ll fit into room corners and grow out. Buying them young and allowing them to grow over the next year will work out much cheaper.

Then get some overflowing/hanging plants for the tops of cupboards and shelves.

The way they spill out will be incredibly pleasing! With all this greenery in place, eventually you’ll notice the air in your home becoming a lot cleaner. 

Replace Your Carpets

The carpets in your home are soft to walk on and are quite warm in the winter season. They help you to feel comfortable first thing in the morning and when you get home from a long shift on your feet.

For all of these reasons, they’re a popular choice for your home decor!

However, they can also wear out quickly, get very dirty, and can soon ruin the decor look you’re going for. 

So, if you want to go for a true Boho look, you may want to rip up a couple of rooms and replace them with Hardwood Floors and strategically place rugs on top.

Hardwood floors are good insulators as well, meaning they may also trap heat better throughout your home.

Get down to your local flooring store or look online and see what material, textures, and patterns would work best for you. 

Rustic Furniture Tends to Work Best

That doesn’t mean you have to sit on uncomfortable wood! You can upholster where and when you like, and use cushions, blankets, and throws liberally throughout your home.

But if you can get down to a charity shop or a vintage store and find some older, wooden furniture, it’ll fit great into your new aesthetic.

You’ll be recycling in the best way possible. 

Of course, you can also shop new. Many furniture stores have dedicated Boho sections to peruse through.

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Start with the dining table and chairs, if you have them. Then move onto items like sideboards and bookshelves, the sofa and even your own bed.

However, if this is too much of a stretch for you, you can also get some sandpaper and paint and decorate your current furniture to fit that classic Boho look. 

The Boho Decor is for Everyone

If you want a more natural home that feels like a reflection of all your own loves and personal values, this is one of the best styles to go for.

Start with the little things like the plants and adding more texture to your home.

Then change up the colors, curtains, and carpets, and then think about replacing some of your previous furniture with more rustic versions.

Whatever tip from above suits you, go for it!

Do you have any more tips to get that boho style?

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A beautiful boho kitchen with a dining room table. Has green florals and warm tones. This article covers how to get that boho style for those that love nature.

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