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PlasmaCar Review: Kid-Powered, Kid-Approved

I’m about to show you one of the coolest toys


I’m not kidding.

PlasmaCar sent over one of their amazing cars for me to review and of course, Gabs was super excited to try it out. If you’ve never heard of these, well, you’ve been missing out!

The PlasmaCar is a beautiful piece of equipment, it is powered by a source that is absolutely inexhaustible.


When you get them outside and on this car, you will have a hard time getting them back in. And when you do, they’ll want to use it inside because you totally can! You can use the PlasmaCar both outside and inside, though you may want to avoid hardwood floors because it may leave marks! So, those are out of bounds! Other than that, you are good to go on almost any flat surface!

There are no pedals, no batteries, gears–nothing!

It’s no wonder that it’s been voted as one of the Top Kids Toy over 12 times! All your child needs to do is simply sit down, turn the steering wheel and the sky’s the limit. Well, 10 kms/hour but, they sure will love every single ounce of speed they can make.

Gabs did!


Without further ado, Here is the PlasmaCar!


Excitement was in the air!

As you can see in the first picture, Gabriella was super anxious to open her PlamsaCar, she had read the box and all the details outside of it and had played with it in one of our local stores.

She was aching to play with it and purple is her favorite color too!

Isn’t that purple beast a beauty?

It didn’t take very long to assemble, in fact, it was very minimal. In no time, her PlasmaCar was ready to go. It’s very light weight which is a plus, especially when I want to take this baby and hit our local trails with the girls. It’s built out of very durable plastics and can withstand up to 220 lbs. on a flat surface, so maybe even you can jump on it, though you may not want to give it back.

We were headed for the highway.

Well, not really but–we hit the street for a test drive. We live on a very quiet neighborhood and we were able to go up and down our street with Gabriella. Though, I’d recommend being on trails meant for walking/riding as it it’s safer.

And as always, with supervision!

In her words: The PlasmaCar is soooo fun, I enjoyed it sooooo much that I didn’t want to get off. I like that it’s my favorite color and that it drives itself. When I first read that it pretty much drives itself, I couldn’t wait to get on it. I like how I just twist it and it goes. When I turn the wheel it feels like I’m really in a real car. I love my PlasmaCar and can’t wait to ride it again!

I think she pretty much narrowed it down. It’s no wonder that it is a best-selling toy and no lie that kids love it. A toy that they can control with their own generated energy and one that doesn’t require batteries or electricity to run.

You will love it because it’s affordable and quiet and they will love it because it’s simply, all-around fun! Perfect fun for ages 3 and up!

Visit PlasmaCar to discover more about this amazing toy and to find a store near you!

Stay tuned and you may just have that chance but, for now– Follow @PlaSmart on Twitter and on FB, HERE for more information on these amazing wheels! To see all the colors that are available and to get all the details, check out PlasmaCar’s website!

Til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. I don't need to read the review, the 5 PlasmaCars in my garage says all I need to know, lol. Awesome video, way better than mine, hahaha!!

    PlasmaCars are the Bomb!!!

    PS – You won me over with LMFAO!

    1. Your videos rock and PlasmaCars are THE BOMB! Hehe, gotta love that LMFAO. Sorry for party rockin'!

  2. PlasmaCars are sooo much fun! I love that they are kid powered. It sure looks like your daughter had a blast!

    1. She sure did and she has asked on a daily basis to take it out for a ride! We are going out today for one! 😉

    1. The PlasmaCar is for Ages 3 and up, you can also hop on behind him to show him until he gets the gist of it. I would also wear a helmet when they are littles like that! 🙂

    1. He would really love it and it keeps them busy! A great outdoor toy, once I used it outside it stays outside! But, that is why you can have more than one! LOL!

  3. I have always thought that plasma cars look like such a wonderful outdoor toy for children! I love the age range that they are applicable for!

    1. Definitely fun for 3 and up! Though, Daddy took it for a spin with our 2 year old in front. 🙂 Very slowly, but she loved it!

  4. I can certainly see why this is such a popular toy…looks like so much fun! Great post and I love the video, really brings it all to life for those of us who have never witnessed a Plasma Car in action!

  5. Oh my goodness! Those look awesome. My kids would love it! And like Julia, I would want one for myself. LOL!

    1. Oh yes! It depends on how fast you want to go, so the faster you do it, the more you move–the faster you will go! Plus, they spend a good while on it–really FUN toy!

  6. NOOOOOOO WAY!!! You did not get to review the Plasma Car!!!! That is wicked awesome!!! So jealous! Forget about Little One! I want one! LOL!

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