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Rustic Relaxation in Massachusetts: Get Back to Nature Without Losing the Comforts of Home! #XploreMass


Rustic Relaxation in Massachusetts.

I’ve never been one for “roughing it” and my form of camping, really involves a warm and decadent cabin or inn and glamping at it’s finest. While I did take part in camping when I was young, I grew up and this tomboy discovered that worms and bugs are really yucky.

But, I think a part of me that loves nature remained and has only been strengthened by the appreciation of nature’s beauty and the discovery that relaxation is good for the soul.



I am a city girl at heart, I am attracted to big cities and that energy like a bee to honey. I crave it. But, every so often, I like to get away from it all and get back to nature and pure relaxation. I also use this time to reconnect with Hubby and to truly take some time to recharge our batteries.


Take It In!

When we do, we love going to a small inn or cottage that is engulfed by nature, where you can sit outside and take in the sun reading a book whilst the soft imminent evening breeze brings the scent of wildflowers. Where you can hear waterfalls in the distance or the sound of waves crashing softly to greet you in the early morning and before you close your eyes at night.


Inns and Cottages.

The Wayside Inn Grist Mill was built under the direction of former property owner Henry Ford, and ground its first “grist” on Thanksgiving day, 1929. The mill is water-powered, and uses two separate grinding-stones to produce the corn meal and wheat flour that is used in Longfellow’s Wayside Inn’s baked goods. Flour is available for sale at the Grist Mill, the Wayside Inn, the Wayside Inn Bake Shoppe, and the Online Gift Shop.


Fancy yourself a bit of a farmer?

Harvest season in New England encourages a yearning to unplug and reconnect with nature. Gathering fresh produce, tending to livestock, taking a horse-drawn wagon ride. There’s a lot of fun to be had on a Massachusetts working farm, where stunning scenery meets inspired adventure or plenty of rustic relaxation awaits you at Massachusetts inns.

What do you prefer exploring a farm or relaxing in an inn?

Let me know til then, cheers m’deres!

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