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Kellogg’s Mini Wheats: Capture the Warmth, Try It Hot & Enter To WIN This Kellogg’s Prize Pack! #TryItHot


Kellogg’s Mini Wheats.
Try Them Hot.

It’s officially Spring but, it sure doesn’t feel like it. While we may wish for warmer weather and there is no denying that it is yet to come, Kellogg’s has a way for you to stay nice and toasty until the weather catches up. Since we may still have a few weeks of wintery weather to survive through yet.


Turn A Favorite Into Something New.

We are huge fans of Mini Wheats in our home, I should say I am the biggest fan though! There’s something about the way they soak up all the milk and the taste of the sugar-coating that makes my taste buds rejoice. Want to try something truly genius? All you have to do is warm-up your favorite milk, whether that is regular, chocolate, almond or soy and then add your favorite flavor of Mini-Wheats. 


Maple Almond Twist.

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy it warm and I chose my favorite vanilla almond milk and delicious Kellogg’s Mini Wheats in Maple flavor. You can add slivered almonds if you’d like to. It’s the perfect breakfast actually and if you like warm breakfasts, skip the oatmeal and reach for the Mini-Wheats. Crave something fruity? Try the Strawberry Mini Wheats warm and top them with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy them, so have fun with it!

MW Prize Pack

Your Turn to Try It Hot!

It’s a given that I enjoyed it when I tried it hot but, what was a pleasant surprise is that the girls enjoyed it too! Their favorite was Strawberry Mini-Wheats with fresh fruit. It was a hit and they had the energy they needed to start their day right.


Kellogg’s wants to give you a chance to enjoy your favorite Mini-Wheats hot! One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader can enter to WIN this Kellogg’s Prize Pack. It opens on March 24th, 2015 and closes on April 9th, 2015 and is open to Canada only. ARV of $50.00!

Which Mini-Wheats would you try hot?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I'd definitely try Brown Sugar warm. We've eaten Mini Wheats so many times and I can't believe we've never had them hot! Thanks for a delicious giveaway!

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