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Feel Better & Kickstart Your Wellness with ReadySlim Detox Tea

Two ReadySlim bags are filled with Wakey Wakey and Snoozzzy tea bags. This articles how to kickstart your wellness with the ReadySlim Cleansing Tea Kit.

Kickstart Your Wellness with the ReadySlim Detox Organic Tea

This year has been one of my hardest. I’ve had a great loss in my life and I never anticipated how much my life would change.

Not only does a loss completely change your life emotionally, it sometimes and oftentimes takes a toll on you physically.

For me, my eating and sleeping habits were affected. It’s fair to say that it became unbalanced and when that happens, your whole body can be off-kilter.

I gave myself grace and allowed myself time but, I knew it was time to start trying to regain some balance.

Two ReadySlim bags are filled with Wakey Wakey and Snoozzzy tea bags. This articles how to kickstart your wellness with the ReadySlim Cleansing Tea Kit.

Kick Start Wellness

To get things started, I knew that a good detox would help me not only feel better but, get my system and metabolism going again.

So I started eating more mindfully at regular intervals and increasing my liquid intake. I also discovered ReadySlim Detox Organic Tea and their Cleansing Tea Kit which includes their ‘Wakey Wakey’ and ‘Snoozzzy’ blends. It’s supposed to be the best immune-boosting tea too!

And so, my 28-day detox tea, morning and night, began!

The Wakey Wakey tea blend ReadySlim relieves bloating and helps to boost your metabolism. It’s made up of 8 organic and metabolism-boosting herbs, each handpicked for maximum results.

The best part of it all is that it contains no laxatives.

A bag of ReadySlim Wakey Wakey Morning Detox Tea Blend  is shown with a tea bag on the outside, and a slice of lemon and half an orange is shown.

Detox from the Inside

While some weight loss detox tea with laxatives may help clear you out, you lose a lot of fluids in the process.

While you may feel lighter, you may be dehydrated.

To see the best results, it’s a good idea to eat better and move more while using Ready Slim’s morning detox tea.

Wakey Wakey has improved my gut health and helped me to reestablish healthy habits that in the long run, help toward my bigger health goals.

Q: What does Wakey Wakey taste like?

A: I find that it has a fresh and citrusy flavor. It’s delicious!

I’ve been eating a lower-calorie diet and I have seen some weight loss. Since it has Green rooibos, ginger, lemon verbena, and nettle leaf, it’s helped reduce bloating and flush out my water retention.

I think Wakey Wakey does really help in your overall health goals when you focus on making better choices.

Not to mention, I don’t know if it’s a mixture of things, but I feel a little extra pep in my step!

A bag of ReadySlim Night Detox Tea Blend is shown with a tea bag on the outside and a slice of lemon and thyme.

The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is absolutely crucial. It improves your brain performance, mood, and health. It also keeps your weight under control.

While I know all of that, in the last year and a half, I haven’t had great sleep at all.

I have tried many things to no avail but, I didn’t want to take any meds to help me along into la-la-land. I feel how lack of sleep affects my life on a day-to-day basis.

Q: What Does Snoozzzy taste like and does it help you sleep?

A: Both teas are delicious but, I loved the Snoozzzy tea, it’s minty and soothing. It helped me feel more relaxed and ready for my nighttime routine.

A ReadySlim bag is open with tea bags falling out. There is a slice of lemon and thyme and fairy lights surrounding it.

Sleep is actually the biggest challenge that I want to overcome. I’ve been making it a point to get at least 7 hours.

With the cleansing tea kit, Snoozzzy is included, a nighttime detox tea. It not only helps your detox by working against bloating while you sleep, but it will also help you get to sleep too.

It contains Valerian root, a natural sedative that helps improve sleep, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Chamomille is anti-inflammatory and this detox tea is the best tea to drink before bed. Why? Well, because it works while you sleep by promoting better digestion, balancing sugar levels, and so much more.

A tall glass of Wakey Wakey tea is shown with ingredients used to make it surrounding it. A bag of Wakey Wakey is behind it.

How Do I Use the ReadySlim Cleansing Tea Kit?

You can enjoy these detox teas as they are, either warm or cold. I like to add a little extra to add to the flavor and add a little more good to my body.

The tea bags are a unique shape and the bags they come in are resealable to keep them fresh.

I start my morning off with the Wakey Wakey Detox Tea. Most of the time, I like it iced but, this can be made warm as well.

A tall glass of Wakey Wakey tea is shown with ingredients used to make it surrounding it. A bag of Wakey Wakey is behind it.

A Fresh Start

I think lemon is amazing for your body. Since this tea already has some of the best ingredients to give you energy and help you release toxins, adding lemon is truly a bonus.

I also add lemon and oranges for my immune system and honey for their healing properties. I am not keto, so I will add the oranges. If you are, you can skip it to stay keto-friendly.


  • ice
  • 1 lemon slice, halved
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 Wakey Wakey tea bag
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Water, to top up
  • 1/2 slice of orange (optional, skip if keto)

Place all ingredients into a cup, stir, let it steep, and enjoy. I leave the tea bag in the cup as I drink it but, if that’s not your jam, steep to desired strength and remove the bag.

If you’re always on the go, this is the perfect tea to put in a bottle and get on with your day. For people who work at home like me, I like how this gives you the energy you need to tackle your to-do list and keeps you satiated between meals.

A mug of Snoozzzy tea is shown with ingredients used to make it surrounding it. A bag of Snoozzzy is behind it.

A Relaxing Finish

The Snoozzzy Detox Tea is my fave but, having the dynamic duo on the daily is a must. Why have a strong start to the day and not finish strong too?

This tea is ready for water and your favorite mug but, if you’re extra like me, you can add a little somethin’ somethin’.

Lemon because it’s a great natural detox and I love the taste, honey for its anti-bacterial properties, cinnamon for antioxidants, and thyme for its many benefits, including calming you!


  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 lemon slice, halved
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • Snoozzzy Tea Bag
  • hot water, to top up
  • sprig of thyme

Add all the ingredients into a heat-resistant cup, let the tea steep, stir, and enjoy! This is really the best ending to the day and wake up feeling great!


Watch Me Make My Morning and Evening Detox Tea

While it’s all here in writing, there’s nothing better than seeing it done. So ‘press play’ and make my delicious detox day and night tea with me!

A mug of Snoozzzy tea is shown with ingredients used to make it surrounding it. A bag of Snoozzzy is behind it.

Are You Ready to Detox?

Whether you are restarting your cycle towards wellness, are maintaining, or hit a plateau. Teas are so incredibly beneficial for your health.

I highly recommend the Detox Cleansing Kit to get you closer to your health goals. I know as a busy mom, and small business owner, it gets busy.

Making two teas a day from ReadySlim’s tea bundle along with eating mindfully and moving more, you will definitely see and feel results!

I’ve dropped a couple of pounds and I feel flatter. While I know it’s not directly the tea, along with everything else I’ve been doing, it’s truly something I needed and am enjoying!

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Have you ever used detox teas?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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