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Ubisoft Just Dance 4: Get the Blood Flowing this Holiday Season & Let the Dance Battle Begin! #CleverJD4

Ubisoft Just Dance 4

Get Moving with Ubisoft Just Dance 4!

The holidays are right around the corner, since we are right at the border, we are lucky enough to celebrate two Thanksgivings, Christmas, New Years and birthdays in between. The holidays are extremely busy and with that being said, that means a lot of get-togethers, dinners  and parties!

It’s easy to slip into the holiday blahs right after you have finished eating with your friends and family. One of the best ways to spend the holidays and time with your loved ones is by playing Just Dance, if you’ve never played this game–you NEED to!

Just Dance 4 is the perfect catalyst for the best parties, no matter what the occasion, thanks to innovative modes like the all-new Battle mode, an upgraded Just Sweat mode, and even more fun, alternative dances. Everything you know and love about Just Dance gets even better with Just Dance 4—hot new tracks, fun irreverent dances, and more.

So to burn calories during the holidays and pretty much any time of the year, we get moving with Just Dance. It’s fun, has awesome music to dance to and before you know it you’re melting away the calories.

I love that Just Dance 4 has two options, a Just Dance option and a Just Sweat It Out option. So, for those of us who are calorie conscious and have a hard time getting work-out time in, this is a great route!

Especially during the holidays where it’s super easy to just plop on the couch and watch movies, it’s much more fun to get dancing with your friends and family. It can probably be pretty funny to watching your relatives try to bust a move.

Just Dance Justin Bieber

Burn baby, burn!

Well, we have been playing and loving the music so far. My daughter Gabriella, is absolutely amazing and puts all of us to shame. She loves dancing and I think with time, age and weight, I’ve grown two left feet. Even though this is the case, it doesn’t stop me from getting down. My little toddler gets in on the action and Hubby of course!

You will see them dancing in the videos below!

It’s easy enough to navigate for an 8 year-old and the more you play the songs, the more extras you unlock. You can also use the Just Dance Off option and burn off your holiday meal by shaking it out to 6 continuous songs against your family.

The Just Sweat It Out option has a calorie counter and fun and funky work out sessions! This is an option I will be using regularly to aid in my slimming down journey!


Check it out!



Get Moving!


Just Dance 4 Ubisoft

Mom, I’m bored!

That is a statement that we vowed never to hear during the holidays and our weekends. Especially when there are a lot of adults around and the kids tend to find their own way to entertain themselves. Games like these bring both young and old together and it’s full of laughter, fun and memory making!

Game Features:

  • Just Dance-Off! Challenge your friends in 6 rounds of dance battles with the all-new Battle mode! Go head to head to unique choreographies and music to be crowned the dance battle champion!
  • Bring Your Crew: With songs that feature 4 concurrent dance routines, it’s your time to shine! Each player can get his own moment of fame with unique choreographies and moves for each member of your dance crew.
  • Just Sweat It Out: The popular Just Sweat mode gets a major upgrade with brand new workout sessions, personalized programs, and a real calorie counter. Stay fit, and have fun playing Just Dance!
  • Alternative Choreographies: Unlock alternative choreographies for your favorite tracks including ultra-challenging and outlandish routines.
  • Dance Quests: Discover and win up to 6 challenges per song and unlock more rewards.
  • Dancer Card: Create and personalize your own dancer card to check out all your awesome dance stats (e.g., favorite tracks, best scores, and challenges).
  • Just Can’t Get Enough: Just Dance 4 still has everyone’s favorite modes like Duet Mode, Dance Mash-up Mode with 45+ mash-up choreographies, and more!


Check out our Mash-Up!


We love that we have so many songs to choose from, from Justin Bieber to Lionel Richie!

There’s something for everybody!

As you can see, Mimi was even getting down and was fearless on our little dance floor in the den.

The girl’s favorite songs are One Direction and Justin Bieber of course and Hubby loves the Skrillex. I think I may still have Bieber Fever and enjoy The Biebs too!


Just Can’t Get Enough!

Ubisoft Just Dance 4

Gabby has already been getting  major use out of this, when she’s not reading or writing stories–she’s busting a move!

I’m super excited for the new Just Dance 4 game, it just keeps getting better and better!

So whether you are burning off that turkey dinner or chillin’ on a Friday night at home–you can rest assured that Just Dance 4 is turkey coma’s kryptonite!

Wanna Buy It?

The game retails from $39.99 and is worth every single penny, you can purchase it off Amazon for $35.99 and you can start moving, having dance battles and burning calories.


Do you and your family play active games like these?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

Just Dance 4

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. #UbiChamps

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  1. My son is still a bit too young for this but my husband and I would have fun with it. I'm sure it's great exercise too.

  2. That looks like so much fun! How old is your daughter again?! She's got the moves, girl!!!!

    Oh and I LOVE Your movies….will you teach me how?!

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