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Schick Intuition Reader Reviews: The Verdict Is In! Whispered Inspirations’ Readers Have Spoken! #beauty


Schick Intuition Reader Reviews.
They have spoken.

If you remember, in July, I reviewed the magnificently scented and practical Schick Intuition. I gave away 20 Schick Intuition Razors so that my readers could test it and let me know what they thought about it! It’s an affordable razor that provides a clean and close shave. Let’s see how what they thought and who won the $100 Visa Gift Card!


I absolutely love the new Schick Intuition Shea Butter. It smells lovely and moisturizes too. I’ve been a fan of these razors for a while and this one is no different. I love being able to skip using shaving cream with this razor.


Beautifully packaged (and fully recyclable packaging as a bonus!) The razor was very easy to use. I liked the fact I didn’t need soap or shaving gel to use with it. The razor moved beautifully with my curves and did a great job catching every hair. I also like the fact that I get quite a few uses out of this razor because of four blades. My skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards. I was very happy with this razor!

S. Parolin

First off, I really like the smell of it. It smells sweet and floral, so feminine and pretty. The razor has a nice grip making it really easy to hold when wet. It didn’t lather too much but it was enough to moisturize and left my legs feeling soft and silky. I like that I don’t need to use a separate shaving gel, it makes it easier to use in the shower since most of my shaving gel often gets rinsed off in the process. I found that it was a little hard to do around my ankles and knees because of the shape and size, but I managed to get it done. Overall, I find it to be a really good razor and plan making a future purchase.


Never opt to support or endorse a product without my own “Personal Tried-Tested-True Experience”. Objectively: At first glance packaging is visually appealing – benefits of its’ use on label alluring and intriguing – “Advanced Moisture”, “Shea Butter” and “Visible Ribbons of Moisture”. All pieces of the razor are securely protected in individual plastic compartments. Razor is nicely contoured for the shape of a woman’s hand – compact, good grip definitely user-friendly. The replacement blade and suction cup attachment for the shower stall is “Genius”. Razor head pivots softly, glides nicely on the armpits and legs – emitting a gentle trail of Shea Butter. It doesn’t snag or tear – moves sleekly on legs applying moisture evenly. Four blades offers optimal performance – close shave and ideally leaves one’s skin noticeable softer. Refreshingly breezy, attractive subtle scent – understatedly feminine. Schick Intuition is aptly named – it KNOWS the needs of today’s woman and it delivers. Customer satisfaction approved.

Eva Urban

I am always happy when I find a product that does what it says. This razor is gentle and does not irritate my sensitive skin or sensitive areas that we women shave! It is easy to hold and I like that I can use it right in the shower or bath – simply wet my skin and wet the razor. It’s nice not to have to use shaving gel or body wash and the lather and moisturizer seem to last as long as the razor. Shea butter is one of my favourite moisturizers. Although I don’t really have any use for the holder, I can see that some people might enjoy this feature. The razor cover is well-designed with openings that allow it to dry out properly between uses. It’s also great that a replacement blade was included with the package.

Tricia C.

I was so excited to be chosen to review the new Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor. Summer is such a busy time that anything that makes the inevitable shaving faster is a plus in my book!

Once I got into the packaging (even with the pull tab on the wrap, it was still a bit of a challenge), I set off to do a quick shave. I love the holder. It keeps it off the edge of the tub and away from little hands. Having countless items on the tub edge is a huge pet peeve of mine, so I also loved the elimination of a can of shaving gel/cream. The four blades gave me a quick and thorough shave. I liked that the scent was quite light and not overpowering. I find a lot of shave gels and creams have such strong scents.

Although I was pretty happy with this razor, I found that the size was a bit of an issue. I am a small person and found that the handle was bulky and a tad difficult to hold on to. The grips on the side did help with this somewhat. Again being on the smaller end of things, the Intuition was too big to use in some areas – around my ankles, knees, etc. I made a huge painful mess trying to shave my under arms.

Overall the Intuition did make shaving faster and less messy. I will continue to use it when I just need a quick “touch up” shave but will use my regular razor for a thorough overall shave.

Lori B.

I have been using Schick razors for years and am always very pleased with the close shave I get.  Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture not only gave me a close shave but my skin is so soft and moisturized afterwards!  I love that I do not need a shave gel with this razor since I have a toddler and must shower and shave quickly.  I will definitely be switching over to the Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture!!  

Cindy Bundun

Wow is the Schick razor ever easy to use! The 4 blades make shaving all the hairs a breeze and I had no problem shaving tricky areas such as the armpits and knees due to the pivoting head. I love the conditioning bar with shea butter as I can skip my shave gel and also save time. The bar has a slight perfumery smell but not overpowering. The only downside of the razor is that it is quite bulky so it wouldn’t be ideal to bring it on vacation. However, I would definitely recommend everyone who shaves to try Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture especially for people with dry skin like me. My skin felt the softest of all the other razors that I have tried and will only purchase Schick from now on! 

Eldon Lai

If ever I was impressed by a razor, this one is it! This is the Cadillac of razors. The handle is a soft feeling rubber that fits oh so comfortably. The moisturizing bar eliminates the need for soap/shaving foams, another step saved in shaving! With a 4 bladed head that glides and swivels to every curve not only did I get a beautifully close shave, I saved time & moisturized WHILE shaving. This is the best razor I’ve used to date!

Darlene Schuller

I love that the Schick razor is surrounded by the built-in shaving cream, which is convenient and saves me time to use a separate shaving cream. Usually when I use other razors, I need to apply lotion afterwards due to dryness but after using this Schick razor with shea butter, it moisturises my legs really nicely and saves me the extra step of applying lotion. Furthermore, the packaging of this razor is much better than their previous all plastic packaging as it is more environmentally friendly. I would definitely recommend this razor as it saves me time and makes shaving much more enjoyable. The only con about this razor is that it is huge and wouldn’t be travel friendly as it takes up quite a lot of space if you bring this to vacation.

Cassey C.

The Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture Razor with Ribbons of Shea Butter Moisture it’s the first razor that I have used that lathers, shaves and moisturizes at the same time. I was surprised to find I did not need shaving cream. My skin felt smooth and soft after using this razor.I would use this razor again and recommend it to my family and friends.

Kathy Downey

Drumroll Please.

A winner has been selected via Random.org! The WINNER is reader #5,  Tricia C.! Congratulations, you are the winner of the $100 Visa Gift Card! I’m so glad that you enjoyed your Schick Intuition Razor and thank-you to all the readers for providing their much appreciated thoughts!

Have you ever tried the Schick Intuition–what did YOU think?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. Congratulations to the winner. This is a great review and this razor sounds like a dream come true, space saving, luxurious shave and long lasting – just what every girl needs 🙂

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