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Shop Free for A Year with Schick: Are You Ready to Shop Til You Drop? #ShopFree


Shop Free for A Year with Schick.

Well, Spring is here and for the most part, it’s starting to warm up. I don’t know about you but, I wore capri’s for the first time this weekend and that only means that Spring is here and it’s time to get those legs smooth!

Whether you are meticulous and shave all-year-long or if you prefer to hibernate during winter–there’s no denying that shaving season is here!

To help you get excited for warm weather and to inspire you to get those fabulous gams ready, Schick is going to give one lucky person a $15, 000 pre-paid Visa card so that you can shop free for a year! 


How to Enter?

Well, all you have to do is go out and get your Spring stash of amazing Schick products that have a pink Shop for Free sticker on them. You can find these products in your favorite stores that are participating. Then head on over to www.wesetyoufree.ca to register or if you’re already registered, just sign in! 

Now, all you have to do is add your PIN and you may win a prize instantly. There are over 2,450 additional prizes to be won and every PIN entry is an entry to the Grand Prize to Shop Free for Year!


What Are You Waiting For?

I can definitely drift off into a day-dream and fantasize about what I would buy with that $15, 000. Perhaps a whole new Spring wardrobe or a new designer hand bag? Or shoes. A girl can never have too many shoes! I’m sure you guys can come up with plenty of ideas.

Make sure you head over to @FreeYourSkinCA on Twitter for tips and giveaways every Tuesday. I’ll let you in on a little secret… a little blue Twitter bird told me–there may just be a Twitter party (with awesome prizes) coming up at the end of April. So, keep an eye out for that!

For now, tell me, what would you shop for?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. What a fun campaign. I would shop for new clothing. I love to dress up, but rarely find enough time to go shopping for myself.

  2. What a great giveaway and amazing prize but what I like most is how well schick works. I'd rather enter when its from a product I love 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. I never need an excuse to stock up on my favorite Schick razors- but this certainly is a good one. I can't believe I can win just by pinning!

  4. It's about time for me to stock up again! I will have to find the products with that special sticker. Wish me luck!

  5. Ugh, my daughter is getting to shaving age. I'm going to need to teach her soon. I would probably get some new clothes. I am to the point where I'm sick of looking at all my clothes. My kids could use new clothes too.

  6. I love Schick products. I use them all the time. The razors are my favorite. They cut so well! Great giveaway as well, thanks!

  7. I would totally buy a new wardrobe and plenty of shoes. It has been so long since I have purchased anything for myself.

  8. This is a great contest. I would love to go on a $15,000 shopping spree. I would spread it out threw the year.

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