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Money-saving Tips For Senior Travelers


Money-saving Tips For Senior Travellers.

Perhaps you find more freedom in your schedule these days and your mind is drifting to that list of places you’ve always wanted to see. Now, with a little planning and a little nest egg, travelling can be easier and cheaper than you think. So book for a Saga Travel package and discover stunning attractions that you’ve never thought of.

Single Travellers

Travelling as a single senior offers its own challenges. When booking as a single traveller, be sure to watch for the single supplement, an extra fee charged to those who want an individual room. This fee may be worth it, or you may choose to make a change to alleviate this extra cost.

Travel in the Shoulder Seasons

One of the best ways to save money when you travel is to book off-season, and senior travellers are often in a perfect position to take advantage of this. Not only could you save a significant amount on your trip, you’re also likely to have lower crowds. Consider weather issues that may crop up, however, and double-check attraction hours, as they can change in the slower months.

Ask for Discounts

In many places, you may get a discount simply by being a senior traveller. Don’t assume that the senior rate is always the best, but be sure to ask what the company can offer you. These rates are not always advertised; ask before booking. The senior rates are also known as concessions or pensioner’s rates.

Vacation Rentals

If you plan on staying more than a couple nights at a location, consider self-catering accommodation. Paying for a weekly rental will usually get you more space and amenities, such as your own kitchen. This is also a wonderful way to vacation with friends or family.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Insurance is one area where you might have to spend money to save it. Life is uncertain and can change in a moment. Travel insurance will protect your vacation money if your trip needs to be interrupted or cancelled, and sometimes even replaces lost baggage. Medical insurance protects you from the cost of unforeseen medical issues and offers peace of mind while you travel.

You might travel to visit family, collect a few adventures, or check some legendary places off your bucket list. More and more seniors are travelling as they enjoy a relaxed schedule and they are taking advantage of money-saving tips that won’t shrink their nest egg. Slow down, explore, and enjoy these golden years!

Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Thanks went over these tips with my Mom(turning 90 next month) and her friend who are travelling to Ohio this month

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