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Get Your Shopkins at Showcase: Get In On the Hottest Toy Craze Taking the World by Storm!


Shopkins Have Arrived at Showcase!
The trick is to get them while they last.

Mimi, our youngest, is absolutely obsessed with these tiny, cute and simply adorable toys. More than 65 million Shopkins toys have
been sold around the world and it is by no surprise to me. All I have heard this year is Shopkins this and Shopkins that but, I don’t mind. I love how it teaches them and helps them to enjoy imaginative play.


Kids Love Shopkins.

These toys help kids explore their imaginations, introduces them to the food groups and are fun to collect with unique characters, such as Apple Blossom, Pa’ Pizza and the Limited Edition, Cupcake Queen. Best part of all, they can collect and trade them as they wish! I’ll let you in on a little secret.

You can get them at Showcase.

I know that we’ve encountered times when we simply couldn’t get our hands on any but, that was before I knew about Showcase. Now you know my secret too. That means no more sold-out signs and disappointed kids. Showcase has the country’s largest stock of Shopkins Collectibles and accessories that are available in 101 stores nationwide. 


More About Shopkins at Showcase:

Showcase boasts more than 100 items with more arriving daily, including characters, playsets, books and board games — offering greater selection and stock than any other retailer in the country. And while other retailers only sell mystery packs, Showcase is the only retailer in the world to offer individual Shopkins characters at ShopAtShowcase.com to help kids complete their collection.


One Happy Kid.

Mimi sure loves her Shopkins and she was hoping to get a lot of ultra-rares for her collection. She could barely contain her excitement when I snapped this picture and she just wanted to open them. What I love about Shopkins is that it really does help them with their imagination. She will spend a lot of time pretending and making up stories that her Shopkins go through and she knows the different food groups too.


Collect Them All.

Mimi was over the moon because she opened her sets and found four ultra-rare Shopkins.  She landed Mary Meringue, Honeeey, Pamela Pancake and Olivia Oil. Not too shabby to acquire 4 ultra-rare Shopkins out of 5 sets. Of course, these are her most special ones and highly coveted from her friends they are.


Wanna Know Something Else?

Well, you can join to become a Showcase Insider and start reaping the benefits for your Shopkins aficionados. It’s free to join and you get some really cool perks that they will love.

  • A complimentary full-colour Collector’s Guide which shows every character to make collecting easy.
  • Free Shopkins! Kids can act just like mom and dad with their very own free Small Mart Member Card, where every Shopkins purchase at Showcase gets them closer to free Shopkins.
  • The newly launched Showcase Collector’s App lets fans search for collectables by character, season or rarity, and keep track of which ones they have and which ones they need. The smartphone App also lets users create and share wishlists for easy shopping. 
  • Interactive Events held at select Showcase stores across Canada, featuring Shopkins swaps, trades, photo opportunities with mascots, colouring contests and more!


If you’re looking to get your Shopkins fix, make sure that you check out your nearest Showcase store and visit www.ShopAtShowcase.com too!

Do your kids love Shopkins or do you collect them?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I'm so glad they've got a website, because I'm pretty sure we don't have Showcase in the states. Those Shopkins are adorable!
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  2. I think my kids would like them. They are finally getting old enough to be responsible enough for those tiny toys. 🙂

  3. We have Shopkins all over the house. I'm not exaggerating. My kids are absolutely in love! Since the Season 3 came out, we've been searching all over to find them

  4. My daughter is obsessed with shopkins. She would love her mind seeing this.
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  5. I admit… I've been trying to hide this new craze from my kids, but today a toy catalog came in the mail and both my 5 & 7 year olds were pointing out the Shopkins. Looks like we might be headed down that road.

  6. I love going to look at the Showcase store. There is always great products in there. It is a great place to get a gift.

    1. I must admit, I am a fan too. Always great things and I know that I will not leave with a sad child.

  7. My girls love Shopkins. There are so cute. I will have to go to Showcase and pick some up for them.

  8. I never heard of these before reading this post,i think my granddaughter might be a bit young for these yet! Thanks for the post.

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