Snow Day- Wordful Wednesday

Snow Day

Snow Day!

Excitement filled the air as the snow fell to the ground last night. Anticipation in the possibility of playing out in that snow.


Well, I kinda don’t like snow.

Unless I’m watching it from the comfort of my home, curled under a blanket while sipping a Starbucks latte. (Boring? I know!)

I’m usually the photographer on the side lines.

Call me Mamarazzi.


Snow Day-Wordful Wednesday

Snow Day-Wordful Wednesday

Snow Day-Wordful Wednesday

Snow Day-Wordful Wednesday

Seeing the beautiful blue sky reminded me that though the winter is long, there is still beauty to appreciate in the desolation that winter spreads. That if you look close enough there are signs that Spring will return. Just like some days are rough, there is always a brighter and new day tomorrow.

So, as I laid there looking up at the blue sky (and listening to Gabs kindly remind me that snow is “for playing, not for sleeping Mom”) I was happy.

Just plain happy that I was given another day to spend with my family and to enjoy this snow.


Enjoy it.

Snow Day-Wordful Wednesday

Did you play in the snow? We haven’t had much the last few years for us to actually enjoy it, I’m glad we are having some for the kids to enjoy. What’s your favorite snow activity? I wish we had more snow to go tobogganing or even boarding in. Alas, boarding is only saved for getaways. Well, I think if we still have snow on the weekend, we are going to make snow forts with Hubby!

Til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. Too true. I don't like snow much at all. I don't even own a
    proper coat or boots for going out in the snow. But the wee girl
    LOVES it and begs to play out in the snow every day. I feel so evil
    when I say no.

    1. I had snow pants from snow-boarding and I have a ton of coats but not winter boots or gloves. Like REAL winter boots not the really cute ones. So, I bought some this winter and I took my chances playing in it. I feel bad too but Hubby is really good with playing in that stuff. I do it for her but, I really don't like the cold!

      So don't feel bad!

  2. We had a snow day today too! It started of great but then
    somebody knocked somebody down and all you-know-what broke loose.
    Snow days are fun here for about 20 minutes, tops! Thanks for
    linking up!

    1. LOL. I guess that's how it's going to be with my girls. They're 6 years apart so no fighting just yet. But, that's how growing up is! I grew up with a brother and a sister and that's how snow days always were! Thanks for coming by!

  3. We had fun out in the snow on the weekend when we first got hit. I never liked snow, but now that my Chunkster loves it, I kinda do too. Love watching how excited he gets.
    Great pics!!

    1. The things we do for our chillums huh? Yeah, we got tons the last couple days, thought we'd take advantage of it. Windsor is weird for this white stuff. I'm grateful we didn't get it as bad as London. I'd definitely become a hermit forreals!

  4. I refuse to play in the snow. I'm cranky like that. But I so admire people who make the effort to get out there and freeze their buns off! Beautiful pic of the sky! And your daughter is as beautiful as you are!

    1. Aww thanks Sandra! I was seriously just thinking about you! I creeped your page and saw you all cute in your scrubs. I was thinking how much I missed you! Anyway, yeah, I don't mind it… Just after a while it gets too damn cold. It was nice to play like a kid again though.

  5. Love this! Kids just love snow so much…it's magical! As you know we've had a tonne of snow this Winter and it's been nice in a way to always have an activity to do. It's nice to take the time out to view it the way you describe.

    1. I know! I used to play in it for hours and now that I'm grown up, I got all boring. Seriously snow doesn't interest me and going to the beach grosses me out. Like the water. LOL. I'm such a germaphobe! Hahaha! But, I still do it for my Peanut and for my Bean soon too.

      You guys got majorly hit, I'm kinda glad I'm down here. I was actually going to move there a while ago for my masters in Fanshawe.

  6. I dont care for snow like i did when i was young,snow no longer brings hours of fun now it brings hours of work,but it sure is beautiful to watch it fall on a frosty evening

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