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6 Things I Will Never Forget

Nancy Polanco's pregnant belly. Over it, there is an overlay that says, "My Jelly Bean." This article covers, 6 Things I Will Never Forget.

Things I Will Never Forget.

Out of the thousands upon thousands of things I’ll never forget in my life, I thought I’d share 6 things with you guys.

We all have moments that have taken our breath away and where we’ve cried happy and sad tears.

They mean so much. I will NEVER forget.

  1.  I’ve mentioned it quite frequently, I will never forget the birth of my two daughters. Their births were absolutely life altering and life changing experiences. That goes along with the moment I found out that I was expecting them and the wonder and a bit of fear of carrying life within my womb.
  2. This is cheesy, I know, but it’s honest. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Hubby’s smile. It truly blew me away. Though we were just friends at the time, I had never met anyone that captivated me with such a warm and beautiful smile. It was truly genuine. It was also that same smile he gave me when he asked me to be his forever.
  3. Being reminded that life is truly precious is a swift kick in the behind. That death is not just for the old. I had a scare with my father and it was an experience that will never leave my mind. He suffered a heart attack and I was there every single second. His life was saved and had it not been by minutes, this excerpt would be much different.
  4. I will never forget Gabriella’s first taste of cake, her first day of school, her first missing tooth. Nursing her for the first time! All her firsts, I will never, ever forget.
  5. Totally new topic but I will never forget my first patient’s death. They say never to get attached to them but we’re all human. After you see it often it’s still sad but, it’s a part of life, unfortunately. I will never forget her though or her family’s reaction. Rather than feel fear I wanted to keep her family at ease and I took care of her during and after she had passed to the best of my capability. Another was seeing a child go into cardiac arrest and having to aid in keeping her alive. My heart nearly popped out of my chest and it was so hard not to empathize with my own children.
  6. Believe it or not. I will never forget the first time I ever saw snow. Yup. I came here at the tender age of 4 and coming from a tropical country where rainy weather is our winter, seeing that white cold stuff was amazing.
So, what is something or a few things you will never, ever forget?

I know I have about a million things I can list but, don’t wanna bore you guys! I do, however, want to know your never-forgets!

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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