How to Plan for a Stress-Free Move

Asian couple sitting on their kitchen floor eating takeout as they unpack in their new home. This article covers tips to plan for a stress-free move.

How to Plan for a Stress-Free Move

You’ve sold your home and no longer have to worry about keeping your home picture-perfect, constant cleaning, and removing every speck of dust.

Plus, you’ve found the perfect new home to move into that matches your wish list, and you can’t wait until you get to move in finally. The hard part’s over.

Sorry to disappoint, but there’s one more hurdle to tackle — the move.

Despite moving being something most people will do several times in their lives, it always ends up being a stressful experience.

But with proper planning, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

When moving to a new home, proper planning cannot be overstated.

Making a plan for packing, for the day of, and for contingencies will help make sure you’ve thought about everything that can come up on the big day.


You’ve likely decluttered when you staged your home, but be sure to go through your belongings again for anything you no longer want or need.

Once you do, get rid of these items.

If you don’t really want them anyway, there’s no sense packing and moving them to your new home. 

Be sure to make a list of everything that needs to be packed and check things off as you go.

Pack according to the room rather than throwing things into any box.

It might seem inconvenient at the moment, but you’ll regret it when you get to your new home and can’t find the things you need most and don’t know where anything is.

Start packing with stuff you don’t regularly use, like items already stored. Keep a list of things that can only be packed late in the process, like kitchen utensils, essential clothing, and more.


Keep all important documents in one place, not just the deed to your home and insurance papers, but also your passports, wills, and all other essential documents.

You don’t want to lose any of these.

Make sure you’ve changed your address with your service providers and memberships. As a backup, get your mail forwarded for anywhere you’ve forgotten. 

Also, be sure to arrange for disconnection and a new setup for all your services at your old home and your new home.

This all includes your internet, gas, electricity, and water.

Start Early

We tend to underestimate is how much time packing and organizing will take. One of the most stress-inducing moments of moving is realizing you don’t have enough time to get everything done.

Then you have to madly scramble and shove things in boxes and call your gas company.

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Start packing once your moving date is set, make lists, and be kind to yourself during this stressful process. 

Moving your entire life from one home to another is always going to be a tall order.

Still, with extensive and proper planning, you can avoid the significant pitfalls people fall into.

You’ll be able to get through your move successfully and settle into life in your new home.

Do you have any tips on how to plan for a stress-free move?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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Asian couple sitting on their kitchen floor eating takeout as they unpack in their new home. This article covers tips to plan for a stress-free move.

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