The Best in Style Trends for Spring

Woman bends down and touches her shoes. Her style has a b it of vintage yet classic with a tee and sneakers. She doesn't look at the camera.

The Best in Style Trends for Spring

With the holidays behind us, we’re all looking forward to Spring and some nice, sunny weather. Unfortunately, though, you know that along with that warm weather comes the annual purging of the closets.

It isn’t just our kids that seem to outgrow our lose interest in their clothes with every season change.

If you’re dreading the annual spring clean and at a loss for what styles are in, never fear.

Below we’ve listed a few on-trend, affordable and durable items for spring that will have you and your whole family feeling fresh and stylish.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

One of the biggest ongoing trends of this season, for both young and old, is the brightest and most colourful pieces you can find.

Think pastel, think neon, and even metallic! Fashion trends are covered in sequins, and jazzed up with glittering jewels. They are emblazoned with eye-catching patterns and popping in the most vibrant of shades.

Whether your favourite colour is neon yellow or easter egg blue, or if your kid wants to wear day-glo orange socks with red jeans – your whole family can!

In fact, you should drench yourselves in fabulous colour.

It will do wonders for your mood, and your wardrobe!

Get Your Kicks

Whether you call them kicks, tennis shoes, sneakers or something else entirely, we can all agree that they aren’t going out of style any time soon.

The sneaker is about more than just sports these days – it has become synonymous with being young, healthy and in style.

This season the “in” styles are big and bold, colourful and functional. Whether you need a good pair of sneakers for basketball, or just to go with your favourite pair of straight-leg jeans, there’s something for everyone.

Check out these great styles from Reebok DMX. Reebok’s name has been synonymous with quality and great style for decades.

With an affordable price point and tons of edgy styles to choose from, there’s something for your entire family.

Neutral Ground

Another cool trend making waves this season are gender-neutral styles. From muted colours like tan, beige and gray, to shirts emblazoned with positive, life-affirming messages.

Neutral ground has never been more fun.

You and your child are no longer delegated to shopping in just one certain corner of the store…the sky’s the limit!

There are several brands on the market making great, non-conforming clothing in a variety of styles, not just for grown folks, but for the younger set.

“Retro” and “Vintage”

Try not to cry as you peruse the clothing aisles of Target. You might feel a little old. It seems that everything old is new again. Your kid’s clothing is the perfect example of that.

As you stroll through the clothing section of your favourite store, you’ll see that both the ‘80s and the ‘90s are back in full force!

Baggy, oversized jeans, corduroy bell-bottoms, tiny tees, ribbed, elastic shirts, plaid, plastic shoes, neon bike shorts, stone-wash…it’s all back.

If your child follows current trends, likely they’ve asked for a few pieces that have you awash with nostalgia.

Why not grab them a few cool items and pull your own “retro” clothing down from the closet while you’re at it?

Nothing wrong with revisiting some old favourites.

Just avoid the shiny silver windbreakers. Those things are a hazard.

Over the Top

If you’ve watched an awards show lately, you’ll know that young people are dressing to express.

From icons like Lil Nas to Billie Eilish, young people are adorning themselves in bright, eye-catching and unique looks. They are every bit as creative and unique as they are.

Gone are the days of prim, unassuming fashion. Let creating your own unique look be a source of joy and fun.

Don’t forget hair, makeup and accessories. They are all important parts of creating a unique “look” that is 100% you.

Have fun with it

These are just a few of the trends and styles that are popular going into spring. No matter what styles you or your family are into, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pieces for at affordable prices.

You just need to know where to look!

Lucky for you, there are so many great options to choose from when it comes to affordable, sustainable and cool clothes.

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Shop online, in-store or even go thrifting for some truly unique finds. In fact, the more you shop around, especially at places like thrift stores, flea markets and vintage shops (which are quickly rising in popularity not only due to the affordable prices, or the “cool factor”, but because they’re good for the environment) the more unique your particular combinations will be!

Fun fashion doesn’t have to break the bank. Especially considering you’ll need to do the shopping all over again by the fall.

After trends have changed and your child has outgrown those awesome jeans you just bought.

Happy shopping!

Do you have any style trends for spring to add?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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