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A Look Into the Job of VP of Security at The Wynn, Las Vegas

The front of the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas.

A Look Into the Job of VP of Security at the Wynn, Las Vegas

Growing up I had many aspirations as do many children. At one time I wanted to be a doctor, other times I wanted to be an archaeologist, then an author and even a flight attendant.

They made it look so glamorous back then! But, when I did go through school and eventually went into post-secondary education, I realized the importance of everyday occupations from every aspect.

One of my passions has always been writing, creating and visual arts. There was something special about creating a world of my own and bringing it to life with my words. There is nothing like the feeling of centering a subject in my viewfinder and the click of the shutter.

My first venture straight after high school was business. Soon after that and a baby later– I went into journalism. After graduating and working in the field, I went back to school due to the lack of work in my area.

I returned to school and then worked in health care for 8 years. Now, I’ve returned to my passion of writing and connecting and work in the online realm.

Both in print and beyond.

It has been quite a journey and I have a feeling that it isn’t quite done just yet.

While my journey is ongoing, I have always been curious about all of the people who make this world function. They do this by providing their skills in their positions.

I wonder what inspired them to go into their fields and I think that being a part of today’s workforce is something to be celebrated.

Recently, I discovered Kronos. With tens of thousands of customers worldwide, Kronos is the leader in workforce management solutions. Kronos helps their clients manage time and attendance records.

Plus their worker’s schedules, absence records, HR and payroll, hiring, and labour analytics solutions and services. I also discovered Troy Mitchum, VP of Security at the Wynn.

A graphic image says, "1 in one hundred million in today's workforce, one story at a time. "Are You 1 in One Hundred Million?

Kronos has created and published “1 in one hundred million” web series on its site. It is devoted to sharing the personal stories of people who do the many important and too-often unrecognized jobs upon which we all rely on.

From their inception, Kronos solutions have always focused on the work that people do.

To satiate my curiosity, I subscribed to the videos and started watching them. It’s amazing what goes behind every job. Plus, to see the journey the took to get to where they were.

The VP Security of the Wynn Vegas, Troy Mitchum.

Meet Troy Mitchum

I watched a few episodes of jobs that really struck me. I’ve worked in health care myself but, I could never imagine working as a trauma nurse.

But, I wanted to see how it was.

Tracer Finn has such a cool job and such an essential one too. It was neat to learn so much in a short video, so you totally need to subscribe to the videos!

Troy Mitchum, VP of Security at the Wynn, leads security at the Wynn. The Wynn has 12,000 employees, with over 400 of them working in the security forces. Both humans and the four-legged kind!

Troy has been with Wynn for 30 years and was recently promoted to this job.

During his journey with the company, he rose through the ranks and has held 8 different positions.

Starting in 1985 he worked in the mailroom, then folded towels, cleaned the pool, was a bellman, and worked as a valet. All of which he says have been valuable in helping him get to where he is today.

Troy Mitchum, VP of Security at the Wynn, smiles at the camera.

I’ve always admired when someone is humble enough and has the drive to do any job. To work their way up and gain experience with every job.

Troy also took advantage of a program that Wynn offers.

It’s an educational assistance program that reimburses its employees for education costs. When Troy decided to go to college, he was reimbursed 100% for every “A” he received.

With his college education, Troy grew into the position of Executive Director of Guest Services.

Troy and his team are entrusted with the complex job of keeping the property and its guests safe and secure. To work in security at Wynn you have to present yourself well, have the right demeanor and be able to answer questions.

It’s not just about muscle and force – “we’re on stage”, he says.

Though if you are a black belt in karate, well, that’s a bonus for consideration!

Security has changed immensely over the years. 30-40 years ago, security teams might have guns and badges– and now security agents are ambassadors for the guests and the hotel/resort.

It’s not just about gambling anymore, it’s more about the entertainment.

With the help of technology, they don’t need just the muscle. They are able to see a person’s ID when they pull it out through their cameras. They are really high-tech!

Troy, VP of Security at the Wynn, shakes hands with his employees.


The Wynn has 25,000 people visit every day – that’s 9 million visitors per year – and first and foremost the security team is there here for the guests.

Troy, VP of Security at the Wynn, and his team cover security from the casino, hotel, and special events.

To stay up to date,  they have 3 briefings per day. Local and federal – on events, what’s hot, and things happening in society globally. That way, they know what to watch out for or if there is anything that they need to be on alert for.

Remember how I told you they were a really high-tech operation?

Well, one time a guest attending a convention left behind a laptop in a cab. Troy and his team worked with their other departments and utilized their technology to track down the vehicle and recover the laptop.

How amazing is that?

I know as a guest, I’d be incredibly grateful.

One of the best parts of his job that Troy loves is that they are always the good guys. He says that they are there for service, service and service!

That’s how it totally should be!

Make sure to head over to the “1 in 100 million” web series and check them out for yourself!

Oh, and follow #WorkforceStories for more.

There are so many interesting videos, short and sweet too!

Did you know what it took to be VP of Security in Vegas?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Note: This post is sponsored by Kronos. All thoughts and opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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  2. Wow that must be quite the job , when I was in Vegas I was thinking about how hard it would be to keep everybody safe

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  10. I can’t imagine all the security that is involved when running a company especially healthcare. My husband is an IT tech at a hospice company so I have a basic idea.

  11. This is fabulous! These individuals are the heart of safety in las vegas and are so important! This job takes true dedication, so for that I thank you all.

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