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Growing Old Ungracefully: Tackling Old Age with Beauty Treatments. #beauty


Tackling Old Age.

The best gift you could ever give yourself is the ability to grow older without aging. So is it actually possible to advance in years while retaining your youth or is this another Hollywood dream?

The truth is, bodies change with every passing year. But, there are tried and tested ways to slow down the aging process. Success in defying age depends on how you take care of your body, when you start to take care of your body and how consistent you are.

So where do you start?

From the inside going out. Before you start combating aging with an anti-wrinkle eye cream, spa treatment and other products. Take the time to care for the inside of your body. A balanced diet that is full of green leafy vegetables, healthy proteins and fats has been shown to greatly improve the health skin. Water, sleep and exercise play a major role.

When the inside is taken care off, then it’s time to focus on the outside. A simple but effective daily beauty regimen is a must have too. There are a number of treatments that are worth investing in for lasting beauty.

Topical antioxidants may top the list when it comes to over the counter anti-aging remedies. They operate by killing free radicals that destroy the skin. Vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E and CoQ10 are extremely popular and do a fine job of obliterating the free radicals. Peptides have long been used in anti-aging products too. They set about their business by stimulating collagen production.

The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive and needs extra care. Wrinkles are more prominent around the eye and a rich anti-wrinkle eye cream is a must have.

Protection against the sun cannot be over emphasized when it comes to taking care of the skin. You might want to get out there and grab the sunshine while it lasts, right? Don’t forget to think about your skin in your haste to soak it up though. The skin needs protection from both UVA and UVB rays and there are all kinds of products available in the market today that can leap to your skin’s defense.

Taking care of your body to preserve your youth should be treated as a necessity, not a luxury. Budget time and money in taking care of your body and enjoy a long and healthy life, defying age. There’s nothing better than getting one over on age, is there?

It sure feels good!
Are you conference about aging and how do you combat it?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. These are great tips.I especially think its important to think about the inside of our bodies too I am glad you mentioned that one.Thanks for all though.I enjoyed reading this and do take lots of the vitamins you mentioned.

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