The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights & Decor for Your Home

White and silver Christmas bulbs and lights.

The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights & Decorations for Your Home

Christmas lights, LED reindeer and snowflake projectors are all part of the festive season. Between warm white, bright colours, LEDs and many more lighting options on the market, it can feel impossible to find the perfect outdoor decoration for your home.

So, I compiled a list of the best outdoor Christmas lights on the market. From budget to unusual decorations, I have got you covered.

Snowflake lights

Firstly, what says winter wonderland more than snowflake lights? If you have a larger house, hang up these lights around the windows, roof and garden.

It can be tempting to use multiple light arrangements around a bigger garden. However, if you want to avoid the over-the-top look, just stick to one classic light theme.

Hanging up Christmas lights can be a dangerous task, and quite frankly, a tedious one as well.

Lucky for you, light projectors are all the rage now. Plug-in your light projector outside, pick a setting and boom!

You will have snowflakes fluttering all the way down your home. No mess – no fuss.

Unusual options

Even if Christmas decorations aren’t really your style, you can feel festive with some more unusual lighting.

Candy cane lights are a great way to line your outdoor pathway to your house. T

hey are colourful and add a little sprinkle of Christmas cheer.

However, if candy canes are just too festive for you – check out these flamingo lights.

Christmas lights don’t have to be Christmas themed.

Add colour and light to your home without the stereotypical red, green and white colours.

Stylish Christmas lights

Bright coloured lights aren’t for everyone. For those of you, who enjoy a more subtle but still festive look, check out Cox and Cox.

They have indoor, outdoor and budget options. If the flashing LED lights hurt your eyes, their warm string lights might just be the one for you.

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LED lights are a classic choice. You can use them on your Christmas tree, outside your house or to brighten up your bedroom.

They are available in many places and are a great budget option! If you don’t want to invest too much in fancy decoration, LEDs might just be the light for you.

Colourful Christmas lights

Above all, nothing says Christmas like multicoloured lights. Add a little bit of colour to the trees in your garden with these lights.

Merry Christmas!

Do you have any ways to showcase the best outdoor Christmas lights and decorations in your home?
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White and silver Christmas bulbs and lights. A banner above says, "The Best Christmas Lights & Decorations for your home this year."

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