The Marabou Collection is Being Sold by Bukowski’s: History Buffs & Art Connoisseurs Take Part in One of The Greatest Sculptures Sales of 2012!

I am a history buff.

In fact, before I achieved my Journalism degree and then my certification in health care, my goal was to be a History professor. I actually got accepted into Wayne State for a major in History and was looking forward to it.

Alas, life took a different turn but, I still have much appreciation for the past, the people and the objects that they left behind of their presence and existence on this earth. I enjoy studying things of the past and would love to get my hands on collectibles that I could proudly display in my own home.

Though I don’t think that unless I won the lottery, I’d be able to afford any of these items but, it’s always amazing to see such beautiful pieces of art and a girl can dream! I also try to expose my girls to different cultures, art and history as much as I can.

The Marabou Collection

 Meet Bukowski’s.

If you are unfamiliar with them they were founded in  1870 by Polish nobleman Henryk Bukowski, Bukowskis have conducted the greatest auctions in Sweden for the past 140 years, including the collection of King Charles XV in 1873 and the estate of Master director Ingmar Bergman in 2009.

Bukowskis is the oldest salesroom for fine art in Scandinavia and remains the popular showcase for the unique and beautiful.


Bukowskis has been entrusted to sell a major sculpture collection, once owned by the family behind the Swedish chocolate brand Marabou, Throne-Holst.  (I’ve actually have had the delicious Swedish chocolate from IKEA.)

The collection includes pieces by master artists such as Auguste Rodin, Jean Arp, Lynn Chadwick, Henri Laurens, Aristide Maillol and ArnaldoPomodoro.

The Marabou Collection

The Marabou Collection.

One special masterpiece is “Le Penseur” by Rodin, cast between 1915 and 1925, and patinated by Jean Limet. According to Jérôme Le Blay from the Comité Rodin, Paris, there are only ten known casts of “Le penseur” from this period. This is definitely one that I love and would love to own!

The Marabou Collection will be sold as part of the Classic Sale at Bukowskis December 4.

It would be super exciting to attend an auction one day and if any of you have the means or interest, this seems like an amazing collection to get your hands on.

The lots to be sold at the auction at Bukowskis include “Le Penseur” and “L’enfantprodigue” by Auguste Rodin, “Amphore de Muse” by Jean Arp, “Pair of sitting figures” by Lynn Chadwick, “Apollon” by Charles Despiau, a Ganesh figure, (Hoysala period, India, 11th century), “La Banderole” by Henri Laurens, “Silvatica” by Eric Grate, “La jeunefilleagenouillée” by Aristide Maillol, “Emy” by GiacomoManzu, “Radar No 2” by ArnaldoPomodoro, “Guscio” by GiòPomodoro, and “Hibou” by Francois Pompon.

This is an exciting time for Bukowski’s, Anna-Karin Pusic, head of Bukowskis’ art department said,“Selling such a dignified collection is a historical privilege for Bukowskis. These are unique objects that have never before appeared in the international auction market. It is a great honour for us.”

I can appreciate art.

Even if it’s something I may never be able to own—I do appreciate those who buy them and take advantage of these auctions and build or add to their own collections for all of us and our families to enjoy!

Do YOU love art?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

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  1. I really do appreciate all different forms of art and although I'm not as artistic as I'd like to be (although my hubby is!), I love seeing the creations of others 🙂
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  2. I love art. We toured the galleries and museums of Florence, Italy and Paris, France over a decade ago. It was amazing, we saw the original Le Penseur in Paris and it was amazing!
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