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Forget the Ladder, You Absolutely NEED the Original Elf Light to Decorate Your House This Year!


The Orignial Elf Light.

Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday and decorating is something that I look forward to every year. I take care of the inside of the home by snazzing up the coffee table and the kitchen table and then we decorate the rest of the house as a family. But, what about the outside? That is something that my husband dreads every single year. Why? Simply because tall ladders, strong gusts of winds, cold weather and pesky lights don’t mix very well.

Regardless, my poor husband climbs that ladder every year and puts up the lights. Also, what goes up must come down and after the holidays, they have to come down and someone has to do it, right? Well, when I had the chance to try out the Original Elf Light, I was intrigued and to be honest, quite curious. 


Bye-Bye Ladders!

The Elf Light projects thousands of shimmering lights on landscapes, homes, pools patios and more. The possibilities are endless! All of this without a ladder and uses much less energy than traditional outdoor lights. You can bet that Hubs was even more excited to try this out. 

  • Remote control with 4-option timer and multiple light effects.
  • Covers up to 625 square feet in glowing light!
  • Extra-long 25’ power cord and adjustable light angle offers maximum lighting coverage.
  • Uses an average of 5 watts of power.
  • Connects to multiple Elf Lights™ through wireless pairing.
  • Choose between static and blinking light options and 3 flashing light speeds.
  • Individual colour control lets you switch between red only, green only, or both green and red.



Pick a Spot.

We wanted to illuminate the whole front of the house and the bushes in the trees. With two dogs who like to mark their territories, it’s no fun to have them do it all over the bushes and the lights. The Original Elf will eliminate this problem and still make the house super pretty! Hubs had to find the perfect spot and Lincoln approved it of it too!


You Control It.

The remote is simple to use, it even has its own antenna to communicate with the Elf Light. Setting up the Elf Light is easy and it can be stored or used year-round since it has a sealed metal alloy housing. Special RF technology lets you turn your Elf Light on and off from
inside your home. How easy is that? Choose between four timer settings to turn your Elf Light on and off at the same time each day. This year’s model includes not only the outdoor stand but, an indoor stand to decorate inside!




Let There Be Lights!

Once you set it up where you want it, you can now project red and green sparkly lights covering 900 sq. feet! You can set it to static or alternating and flashing lights. It’s up to you! Since it only uses 5 watts of power, it’s a lot of energy you save. You will be blown away once you turn it on. It seriously one of the coolest things I have seen. Imagine your house, completely covered in lights–it truly is a sight to see! Stake it in the ground, point it and turn it on! You’ve literally decorated at the speed of light!

Not Convinced?

Well, take a look at this video and tell me if you still are after watching it! We are in the process of finishing up the outdoor decor but, we already took care of the lights with the Elf Light! You can get the Original Elf Light for $249 and if you ask my husband, it is worth every single penny. No more wires, no more ladders and no more finding broken bulbs!

Who puts up the lights at your house, do you think they’d like the Elf Light?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!









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  1. I love this and we have something similar right now but we sure don't have a controller for it lol. Will have to get this one.

  2. that looks awesome! i love christmas lights, but i get so mad when people overdo it! such a cool piece of equipment.
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  3. We never do Christmas lights but this is perfect. I might consider this, the three year old would go crazy for it.

  4. Thanks for doing a review on this this is out third year without light on our house,just because we redone the outside with new windows and eaves and to be honest i dont want staples/nails or anything else making holes,its too costly.I cant wait to tell hubby about your review…so he can go shopping

  5. Very cool! This would be awesome in neighborhoods where there are decorating contests since it covers a lot of area for not a lot of cost and hassle

  6. This is so beyond cool!! Sadly, we have only had one little snow fall this year, but I would so love this anyhow. Hoping we'll have a white Christmas, we are in WI after all.

  7. This looks like a good alternative to traditional outside Christmas lights. I expect we'll be seeing them on lots of houses in the near future.

  8. I seen this set up at a friends house and its amzing strees-free set.thinking this may be the way to go for Christmas 2016

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