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How Do People Afford Long-Term Travel?

A picturesque beach setting, a woman leans up against a palm tree. The beach is behind her. This article answers how do people afford long-term travel.

How Do People Afford Long-Term Travel?

Most of us struggle to save up for a two-week vacation. So how do people afford to travel for months on end?

Below are just some of the ways to make long-term travel more affordable.

Work As You Travel

Working as you travel could be one way to financially support yourself. This could reduce the amount of money you have to save up initially.

You may only have to save up for the flight out.

There are lots of different ways to work and travel. You could find work in bars or hotels, work on a cruise ship or you could make money teaching English.

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One of the most flexible options is to become a digital nomad. This involves finding work that you can do on a laptop. Providing you have an internet connection, you can then work pretty much anywhere.

Copywriting, graphic design, website programming, day trading stocks and accounting are all forms of income that can be achieved remotely from anywhere in the world.

Some people are even able to support themselves with travel blogs or travel vlogs. Making enough money through ad revenue alone is tough, but there could be other ways of monetizing your travel blog or vlog to help you travel.

Avoid Luxury

Most people that travel long-term aren’t staying in five-star hotels every night or fine dining in fancy restaurants. By being more frugal, you can stretch your money further.

Hostels and campsites are some of the most popular forms of accommodation for long-term travellers.

When it comes to food, embrace the idea of living like a local. Street food is likely to be a lot cheaper. You can even look into cheap forms of transport. Instead of taxis and hire cars, consider trains, buses and tuk-tuks.

Occasionally, you may be able to treat yourself to some luxury, but for the most part, you should try to limit yourself so that you can travel longer.

Give Up Financial Ties

Travelling long-term can be difficult if you’re still paying bills back home. One solution could be to give up these financial ties temporarily.

This could include moving out of your home and selling your car. You may be able to put your things in storage for the duration of your travels.

When you get back, you can then look for a new place to live and a new car. It will save you from paying big expenses like rent, energy bills and car insurance while you travel.

Rent Your Home Out to a Lodger

If you own your home, you may be able to rent it out to a lodger while you travel. This could be a way of keeping money coming in to pay off the mortgage.

If you rent, a landlord may even allow you to sub-let your home while you travel. Providing you can find a suitable stand-in tenant.

Spend time looking for a lodger that you can trust.

These are just a few ways to get you started in a nomadic life. If that is your goal, that is.

Do you have any tips for ways to afford long-term travel?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A picturesque beach setting, a woman leans up against a palm tree. The beach is behind her. This article answers how do people afford long-term travel. A banner reads, "How Do People Afford Long-Term Travel?"

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