9 Ultimate Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2022

A black, white, and silver modern open kitchen. This article covers Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2022.

Luxury kitchen appliances are always on-trend. But what about how they’re integrated into your home? What about colour? Should you mix and match, or should you stick with one brand?

We’ve got the answers for you in this article as we talk about the top kitchen appliance trends to watch out for in 2022. 

Grab your pen and paper and keep reading to find the kitchen trends to look for in 2022!

A silver and black kitchen with wooden interior. This article covers Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2022.

Open Kitchens 

First up, open kitchens. This is a design trend that’s been around for a while. Though, it’s taking an even stronger hold on the design community this year.

Airy, spacious kitchens are great for when you want to entertain. They give you lots of room to work with if you enjoy cooking.

You won’t have to worry about minimizing your creative spirit, and they help to declutter your space.

If you’re renovating your home consider making your kitchen an open concept. It will flow into other rooms.

You can even have your appliances built into the cupboards, walls, or countertops. This creates clean lines and a beautiful, timeless aesthetic. 

Hands hold a tablet and control appliances in the kitchen.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances have been on the rise in recent years. Consumers are truly embracing the convenience they offer and their ease of use.

They enhance your cooking abilities and help you tap into your potential.

From smart ovens to smart fridges to smart dishwashers, you can create a fully customized and automated home.

Most smart appliances connect to an app on your phone so you’re able to manage cooking time, check on the status of a task, or automate start and finish times.

Other smart appliances, like a smart fridge, for example, can be controlled by an app, but can also have a smart hub built into the actual appliance.

It can enable you to plan family meals, manage your family’s calendar and so much more. 

Matching Appliances

While there are many reasons why someone would choose to mix and match their appliances, there’s a growing trend to match appliances.

This is when people choose to make sure that all of their appliances are from the same manufacturer, or are stylistically cohesive.

While it’s still trendy to have a statement appliance, like a bright orange hood fan or a ruby red gas range, (more on that later), some people are deciding to make every piece a statement piece. 

How you choose to implement this trend is all up to you.

If you want to go by a brand that you truly love and trust, then it’s as simple as looking through their array of products online.

If you want to have all of your appliances a specific colour, then you can easily sort through colours online by picking a specific filter. 

A warm and neutral kitchen that has pops of green everywhere.

Kitchen Islands with a Cooktop

Similar to the open concept trend that’s taking kitchens by storm, kitchen islands with a built-in cooktop are all the rage.

And for good reason!

They can help you save on space, they increase efficiency, and they look incredible.

Your cooktop will be in the center of your kitchen, you’ll be able to see everything that’s going on around you while taking advantage of the additional prep workspace.

It’s also an inclusive design and allows your cooking experience to be something that can be enjoyed by everyone. While you’re cooking, people can pull up their stool and watch you work.

Colourful Appliances 

As mentioned before, colourful appliances and statement pieces have been in style for a long time. They’re only getting more intense.

People love a bright colour in their kitchen, and they love balancing it out with neutral tones and more quiet colours.

Brands are creating even more loud, colourful appliances to meet these trends, like bright yellow ranges or ruby red refrigerators.

If bright colours are not your thing, but you still have an eye for the dramatic, then think about how you can incorporate deeper tones into your kitchen.

Dark blue, inky black, or bright white— these are all pigments that can be used instead of intense colour. 

Multi-Purpose Appliances

Appliances that offer multiple uses are becoming more trendy as people embrace condo living or smaller kitchens.

They’re efficient, budget-friendly, and they are just incredibly useful.

Microwaves, for example, have become so advanced that they can function almost like a conventional oven. They have convection heating, the ability to brown or crisp food, and multi-stage cooking. 

Professional-Grade Appliances

Professional-grade appliances are not just for famous chefs or in-house cooks anymore. Nowadays, professional-grade appliances are available to the masses at great prices.

If you love cooking and you want to elevate your home even more, then look into brands that offer professional products.

They’re high-quality, luxury appliances that offer optimal performance.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you should purchase a professional oven range or cooktop, think about it as an investment.

Not only will you be able to advance your cooking skills, but your home will also immediately increase in value. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is durable and classic and will always be on-trend. It’s easy to clean and it’s neutral, so it matches almost everything.

If you want stainless steel appliances, but also want to incorporate your own personality and style, then consider doing this through customized hardware.

There are fantastic brands out there that offer colourful or luxury hardware for their appliances. This includes knobs, handlebars, and pulls.

To find a brand that offers customized hardware, check online and see if you can search through accessories or hardware filters. 

Natural Colours & Wood Panels 

Last but not least, natural colours and wood panels are becoming increasingly trendy in the world of kitchen appliances.

This is especially true when it comes to things like refrigerators and dishwashers. Where the controls don’t need to be located on the front panel.

A smooth, natural finish or wood panel on the front of a refrigerator or dishwasher creates a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic that pairs with any kitchen.

When searching online, or talking to an appliance specialist, ask them about wood panels. 

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Luxury Appliance Trends 2022 

We’re excited about these new trends in kitchen appliances and hope you were able to become inspired about your next home renovation or purchase.

From incredible colours to minimalist, natural designs, there’s sure to be something for everybody.

It’s also important to remember that even if something is trending, it’s important to go with what you truly enjoy.

Trends come and go, and they’re meant to inspire your creativity so that you can customize them and match them to your own personal style. 

For more information about custom kitchen appliances or luxury appliances, reach out to an expert that can help. 

Do you have any kitchen trends to look for in 2022?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A black, white, and silver modern open kitchen. This article covers Kitchen Trends to Look For in 2022.

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