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Washer Top Load vs. Front Loader: Which Should You Pick?

Woman takes out laundry from front facing washing machine. She smiles and holds a clean towel to her face while she loads the basket.

Washer Top Load vs. Front Loader

Every modern household requires washing machines. With several convincing advertisements about front-load and top load washers, it’s natural to get confused.

Top load washing machines have been more popular in the US. However, front-load washing machines are gaining more acceptance.

As technology improves, companies are continuously providing upgraded front-loading washers that are better than the top loads.

Many customers are acknowledging that front-load washers have advantages and are worth the increased investment. However, there are also some unique features that only top load washers have.

Here a comparison of a washer top load vs. front loader and how they differ from each other. The points will help you to decide which one you should pick.

How Quick Can They Finish a Wash Cycle?

When it comes to choosing a washer, you should consider the length of the wash cycle. Top-loading washing machines have agitators that can wash the clothes faster than the front-loading ones because the clothes are soaked in the water during the cycle.

However, there are exceptions.

Keep in mind that there are different types of top loaders and some don’t have agitators. An agitator creates motion by rattling and compelling water in the machine. This makes the washer vibrate.

Top-loading washing machines that have an agitator wash faster. Those that don’t have agitators are known as high-efficiency top-loading washers.

They clean clothes better.

Also, top loaders that have an agitator have more parts. This means that more parts can break.

You don’t have to worry about repairing your top-loading washers. There are several appliance repair companies that offer high-quality service at an affordable price. Whirlpool appliance repair is one of them.

Which One Is Easier To Use?

A front-loading machine is not for you if you’re a bit older or have joint issues. Even if there’s a pedestal on a front-loading washer, you’re still required to bend over and unload the clothes.

A top-loading washing machine stands at a perfect height. So, you don’t have to bend down.

Additionally, there are other convenient characteristics that top loaders have. For example, you can add clothes in the mid-cycle or even after starting your load.

The top loaders can diffuse fabric softeners better than front-loading washers.

Which Cleans Better?

Although top-loading washers are more convenient to use, they can be harsh on your clothes.

This is especially true if the machine is overloaded.

Top-loading machines have a hard time washing large and bulky items, like comforters and pillows.

The items are not thoroughly soaked in the water.

Front-loaders are much more gentle on your clothes because there’s no agitator hitting them. They can remove dirt better than the top loaders.

Which Uses Less Electricity and Water?

You can cut your expenses in the long run by using a front-loading washing machine. This is because it uses less water and electricity.

However, they are costlier than front-loading ones.

A standard top-loading washing machine uses 30 to 40 gallons per load, and the high-efficiency ones use 12 to 17 gallons.

On the other hand, the front-load washer needs only 13 gallons of water for a load.

Aside from that, you can do larger loads in a front-loading machine. This is because there is no agitator and you can have about 20% to 30% more space to put your clothes.

This decreases the number of wash cycles and saves electricity. However, top-loading machines take less time to dry your garments.

Which Can Save More Space?

Space is a constraint in many households. The decision to buy a particular washing machine depends on the space provided for laundry.

People living in rental units store their laundry sets in small closets vertically.

Those who have larger areas prefer stacking their appliances to make the space more functional. If you have limited space, choosing a front-loading machine is the best option.

It is more compact than the top-loading machine and can be stacked on top of your dryer.

This will provide a larger space for you to move around with no hassle.

Which Has A Larger Basket Capacity?

If the washer’s capacity is essential for your needs, there’s a massive difference between the two types.

In a top-loading washing machine, the agitator at the center makes the capacity smaller.

You can’t place more clothes or heavy fabrics like denim, jackets, comforter, or a weighted blanket in top-loading machines.

Nevertheless, front-loading washers have a horizontally placed basket, allowing you to put more clothes.

You can save time because you’ll need fewer rounds to finish your laundry. Therefore, top-loading machines don’t use space efficiently.

Feel Like You Can Decide?

To sum up, front-loading washing machines are more beneficial than the top-loading ones. They are more water and energy-efficient, and their washing performance is more reliable than that of the top-loading washers.

Keep in mind that these modernized washing machines come at a higher price.

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Based on the above discussion, front-loading machines are worth the extra price. However, there are some factors in favour of top-loading machines.

I hope that you’re able to find the perfect one for you, especially when it’s washer top load vs. front loader, there’s lots to thank about.

For us, we’ve owned both but, love our front-loading machine.

Washer Top Load vs. Front Loader: Which Should You Pick?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Woman takes out laundry from front facing washing machine. She smiles and holds a clean towel to her face while she loads the basket. A banner reads, "Washer Top Load Vs. Front Loader, Which Do You Choose?"

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