6 Tips for Traveling Solo

A woman walks down the street with a luggage. She is by herself. This article covers 6 tips for traveling solo.

Tips for Traveling Solo

When you are planning a solo trip, it is not uncommon to feel nervous about the idea of traveling by yourself.

That’s especially true if you are going to a totally new location and do not know anyone there.

But no matter your destination, there are several ways to make your trip traveling solo safer and more enjoyable.


Prepare Your Finances

While you may expect to be able to use a debit or credit card in the area you are traveling to, it never hurts to have some cash with you as well.

Some banks and credit card companies freeze cards when they are used in a different location, so having cash will allow you to make necessary purchases.

Talk to your providers before you leave so they know not to freeze your cards. Aside from this, AdFixus also highly recommends protecting your online transactions by using a VPN.

It’s known that travel can be expensive, but you can make it more affordable by getting a personal loan to pay for your trip.

This can often be a better route than putting it on a credit card that you may or may not be able to pay off later.


Stay Connected With a Friend

Ask a family member or friend if they would be willing to be your point of contact during your trip. You can send them your hotel reservations, itinerary, and any other relevant details.

Stay in contact with them throughout the trip.

If they do not hear from you for an agreed-upon amount of time, they can take the proper action.

If you are traveling out of the country, check with your phone provider to see if you will need any special considerations to be able to use your phone outside of your current country.

You could also use social media to message or talk with your friend when you have an internet connection.


Create an Emergency Plan

You can’t plan for something like a robbery or medical emergency to happen while you are traveling. Though you can learn the common nuances when traveling.

Then you can create a plan so you will know what to do if an emergency does happen.

Do your research on the area you will be staying near to learn about the emergency facilities, such as police stations or hospitals.

If the area you are traveling to has a different language, learn phrases you might need so you know how to ask for assistance.

As you pack, make sure you pack any medications you will need so you do not need to get them filled in the area you are going to.

You should keep these in your carry-on baggage, so you do not have to worry about them going missing.


Keep Valuables Safe

When you leave your room, make sure to bring only the things you will need, such as cash, your phone, and an ID card.

These should be concealed out of sight, either in your pockets or in a bag you can always keep an eye on. Cross-body bags are often more efficient.


Do Your Research on Safety in the Area

Take some time to learn about the safest neighborhoods. Look up the places you should avoid traveling to.

Make sure to book accommodations in the better parts of town.

If possible, try to get a room on the second floor or higher instead of the ground. It should not be too far from hotel amenities and the lobby.

After you have checked in, it is a good idea to keep your door always locked. Use the security chain when you are in your room.

If you are not expecting any visitors or staff, avoid answering the door if anyone knocks.


Obtain Travel Insurance

You can protect the investment you have made in your trip by getting travel insurance. It can cover losses such as illnesses, weather, or natural disasters.

You can also get other policies to protect you from medical expenses or evacuation.

Some can even cover costs incurred by theft or lost baggage.

Just make sure you read the fine print on any policy to ensure it will cover everything you are expecting it to.

Do you have any tips for traveling solo?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A woman walks down the street with a luggage. She is by herself. This article covers 6 tips for traveling solo.

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