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The Best Ways to Travel to a Dream Destination

A bird's eye view of cruise ships at a port.

The Best Ways to Travel to a Dream Destination

When people plan to go on vacation, they usually tend to focus on the destination. We look for the most economical way to get there, sometimes accepting poor traveling conditions, such as comfort, a multitude of transfers or impossible waiting times. It can be a real shame as there is joy in getting to the destination as well.

it takes a little shift in perspective. Your vacation can start as soon as you leave home and not just begin when you get to your destination.

Maybe you are already thinking of traveling via private jet, and how much does it cost anyway? Perhaps you are weighing our other ways to travel to your dream destination.

Read on to discover some of the best ways to travel and let the fun begin as you get there.

The Luxury of Cruising

Consider cruising. It’s the classic “the journey is as important, maybe even more important” way to travel for those wanting to slow down. Think Titanic (before it all goes horribly wrong) or think The Love Boat.

Either way, it’s great to feel like you’re on top of the world, sailing the high seas. Cruises come at a cost, but usually, everything is included in the price.

The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for cruise travelers. There are multiple cruise liners going to this region and they all offer a combination of great onboard activities and exotic destinations.

Destinations That Are All About Sun, Sea, Food and Partying

A Caribbean cruise is usually the typical stereotype people will have in mind when thinking about cruises.

There are also smaller cruises, sometimes with as few as 24 people, that go on more specialistic journeys and destinations.

A good example is a small cruise to the Mekong, which will take you to see Siam, Saigon, and Angkor Wat. This is a photographers dream, without having to rough it out in rickety cars.

You don’t need to go to Eastern Asia to be able to go on a cruise that isn’t a Caribbean cruise. You can always opt for a European river cruise.

It’s a more active travel experience, culturally and socially more immersive. It’s catered to a younger audience that travels the inland rivers of continental Europe.

You will see Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and Hungary, in a way you probably haven’t before.

If you want to completely sit back and enjoy the ride, then cruising is the way to go. Cruises are my favourite way to travel, I find that I don’t feel tired after one and disembark feeling completely relaxed.

The Romanticism of Trains

Some people love traveling by train. It’s fast and provides you space to stretch your legs. One of the best things about train travel is that everyone can enjoy relaxing, reading a book, or taking a nap.

Something a designated driver in a car can’t do.

In a way, taking the train means that everyone can enjoy the journey on an equal footing. For longer journeys, you usually also have some form of catering on board if you fancied a snack or drink.

There are some quite iconic train lines in the world you might want to check out. There is the Oslo-Bergen railway in Norway.

This gives train enthusiasts a chance to ride from Oslo to beautiful fjord-and-mountain-flanked Bergen.

You’ll see them via some of Norway’s wildest scenery. There is the Northern Explorer in New Zealand. This journey includes green hills and magnificent farmland.

Lots of Options

How can we not mention the Trans-Mongolian, Russia to China? Some would say that the Trans-Mongolian is the most magnificent train journey on the planet.

The journey is epic, taking almost a week of non-stop riding between Moscow and Beijing. You’ll cross six time zones and see parts of Asia that very few people will see in their lifetimes.

The train is genuinely for enthusiasts who want to stare out of the window, marvel at the landscapes and drift off thinking about how these expansive railroads came to be.

Trains offer one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors from a comfortable seat with a nice beverage.

The Freedom of the Road Trip

If the train is not for you, perhaps you prefer getting behind the wheel yourself. Cars provide a sense of freedom that no other modes of transportation do.

Trains are fixed to tracks, but a car can go anywhere!

Ever been tempted to take a map, point somewhere, and just go? That is what a car represents, that kind of freedom. No wonder some people get all excited talking about ‘road tripping with friends.’

Sure, it’s not as relaxingly passive as taking the train. For longer journeys, it makes sense to take stops often or rotate the driver. Being able to plot out your own route is half the fun.

Route 66 will be on most people’s radar. It is the most definitive road trip you can go on. 2000+ miles, spanning 8 states in the USA, it will get you from LA to Chicago.

It’s a blend of stunning landscapes, small-town America, quirky roadside attractions, and a window into the past of the USA. People who go on this road trip will usually come back with fantastic memories and stories.

Road Trip Internationally

Crossing the ocean, you will end up on North Coast 500 in Scotland. It’s a drive (which is, surprise, 500 miles) through Glencoe all the way to the magnificent Isle of Skye.

It’s essentially one long scenic postcard-worthy journey.

Another one to mention here is the Ring Road in Iceland. This is an 800+ mile route that will circle the entire country. Yes, that’s right, the whole country of Iceland.

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It’s spectacular and awe-inspiring. There are massive waterfalls on offer, as well as volcanic landscapes and black sand beaches.

So, grab a bunch of friends, map out your journey, and get going!

A road trip is probably one of the most immersive, enjoyable things to do. If you don’t mind timing your bathroom breaks and gassing up your car (or rental) and just go is all you need to do.

What is your favourite way to travel?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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