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Tips to Avoid Inheritance Fights

Two people argue over paperwork, their faces are not seen only their hands and the paper work on the table.

Tips to Avoid Inheritance Fights

The death of a parent is always a traumatic experience for children. Even if they are grown up.

After a time of despair and grief, it’s time for legalities.

Although most people aren’t ready for the visit to the lawyer’s office to listen to their parent’s last will, they very often have to go through this awkward process.

If you’re an only child, that should go smoothly and fast.

You’re probably the only heir, following your other parent if he or she is still alive. But the problems start when the testament imposes sharing inheritance with siblings.

The perspective of possessing a large real estate is tempting for everyone. From that point, it’s only a small step away to fight with your siblings over your rights to the parent’s belongings.

Unfortunately, a death in the family usually brings out the worst instincts in people.

Family is the highest value, and you should never forget about that.

To avoid any unnecessary quarrels, try to stick to these tips to avoid inheritance fights.

Read the last will together

If you have one or more siblings, and your parents left their last will, you should read it together.

Either at home or at a legal office. All of you have the right to know your parent’s decisions. Even if you aren’t included in the document.

However, it happens very seldom.

Parents know their children very well. They usually try to divide their possessions equally among them to prevent possible battles in court after their death.

However, if at this stage, someone isn’t satisfied with the will, they should openly talk about it.

It’s essential to know everyone’s expectations to establish further legal steps.

Use a mediator

If you’re in conflict with your sister or brother, then you may consider hiring a professional mediator.

It’s a person, a third party that isn’t engaged in your family issues in any way. He or she will help you solve the problem and reach a consensus.

Sometimes, people emotionally involved in the case can’t think clearly. They don’t always make the right decisions. Having a stranger who is objective can use their common sense to help.

Sell assets

Imagine the situation where you inherit a family house together with your siblings. However, all of you already have your own families.

You can’t share the real estate since there’s not enough space for all of you. It may be that you don’t want to live together either.

What then?

In this case, the best you can do is sell the property. After that, you can share the proceeds among all inheritors.

Although the house can have a sentimental value for you, something must be sacrificed. Either your relationship with your siblings or the home you were brought up in.

Sometimes, you can’t reach an agreement. If one of you doesn’t agree to sell the house, you can always go to court to legally solve this situation.

People spend a fortune on legal cases. They can last for long months or even years. Maybe think twice if it’s worth your nerves and money.

Divide inheritance equally

If you want to avoid inheritance fight, think about this one wisely. If all children inherit some of the parents’ possessions without any indication of who should be the owner, then you can try to divide them according to personal preference.

Maybe you’re the lover of the fragile family china, whereas your brother is an enthusiast of the father’s vinyl collection.

Then, you can divide this inheritance peacefully.

It’s also a great occasion to spend more time together and reminisce about the moments associated with all these objects.

Honour your parents’ last wish by getting along if you can. They wouldn’t like you to argue with each other because of their last will.

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For those who don’t want to be civil (their priority is money over the memory of their late parents) a lottery could be a fair solution.

For that purpose, you’ll need a short description of every item on small pieces of paper. Then, all of the siblings can draw their inheritance so that they can’t blame each other.

Dealing with somebody’s death is undoubtedly a tough time for the whole family. Thus, it’s so essential to stick together and support each other.

It isn’t the time for fights over inheritance, but quite the contrary. A time for reflection and mourning.

A chance to stop for a moment and think about your life, values, and morals.

Do you have any tips on how to avoid inheritance fights?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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