Water Activities To Try While On Vacation

Young man surfing and catching a wave. This article covers water activities to enjoy while on vacation.

Water Activities To Try While On Vacation

Whether you’re taking a trip to the seaside or a vacation by a lake, there are lots of different water activities that you and your family can try.

Below are just a few different aquatic activities to consider when on vacation.


If you’ve never been surfing before, it could be a great activity to try during your next beach vacation. Surfing is a test of balance and coordination and it can be a great workout, as well as offering a lot of thrills.

Family members of all ages can learn to surf. Visit a popular surf destination, and there may even be surf schools for adults and kids that you can join, as well as various surf hire shops.

Find surfing too challenging? Bodyboarding could still be an option and is great in all water conditions.


Diving can allow you to explore a whole new world underwater. You’ll find scuba diving classes all around the world. Once you’ve obtained your PADI license you can then go out on diving trips freely Although many people still prefer to stick to guided tours just to be safe.

Scuba diving isn’t suitable for young kids – in fact, in most places around the world, you have to be at least 10 years old to start learning.

Snorkeling could always be a more child-friendly option and doesn’t require any training. In popular dive sites, you’ll often find snorkel tours.


Fishing could be another water activity to consider. This activity is suitable for all ages and isn’t too physically exertive.

It’s possible to book a fishing trip with a guide or to hire a rod and go out yourself.

Once you’ve mastered basic angling, you can start to try out new fishing techniques such as how to use the Texas rig.

Fishing can be done as a sport or as a leisure activity. You can even attempt to catch your own food. 


Kayaking can be a brilliant activity for families. You can kayak in rivers, lakes or the sea. In each case, you could choose to take a tour or you could hire some boats and plan your own paddle journey.

On top of being able to take in breathtaking views, kayaking can be a great arm workout and a great form of cardio exercise.

When choosing places to kayak as a family, it’s best to stick to safe popular kayak routes.


Paddleboarding has become very popular in recent years. It’s almost a combination of surfing and kayaking – you kneel or stand on a board while steering yourself with a paddle.

Paddleboarding is a test of balance and can be a great core workout.

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Get good at it, and you can even start to explore rivers or coasts via paddleboard. It’s an activity that is suitable for all the family.

Some resorts may have paddleboarding classes, although it’s possible to easily learn the ropes yourself. 

What are some water activities you like to try while on vacation?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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Young man surfing and catching a wave. This article covers water activities to enjoy while on vacation.

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