3 Must-Do Activities For Your Texas Vacation

A view of the San Antonio shopping center in Texas. One of many activities for your Texas vacation.

3 Must-Do Activities For Your Texas Vacation

With its rich history, spectacular natural beauty, and lip-smacking cuisine, it is no surprise that Texas continues to be a tourism hot-spot. 

Every year leading up to 2020, more than 200 million tourists visited the state in search of excitement, relaxation, and the ultimate Texas barbecue.

While there are countless things to see and do while vacationing in the Lone Star State, there are three activities that are bound to make your visit even more memorable.  

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

Indulging in a luxury spa treatment may not be the first thing that comes to mind when envisioning your Texas vacation.

Last year was tumultuous. Luckily, Texas is home to a myriad of exclusive spa facilities. A spa visit may, however, deserve a spot on your vacation itinerary. According to experts at the Domain Spa in Austin, spoiling yourself with a massage, facial or skincare treatment can have both relaxing and rejuvenating properties.

If you want to enjoy a range of spa treatments over the course of a few days, consider booking into one of the superb spa resorts in the state.

Alternatively, put a day or even just a few hours aside to enjoy a range of treatments of your choice.

Enjoy a Traditional Texas Barbecue

If you want to experience the best the Lone Star State has to offer you have to experience a traditional Texas barbecue. Although barbecuing is popular in most parts of the USA, not much can compete with a proper Texas barbecue.

There are various styles of barbecue in the state ranging from the chopped beef served in East Texas to the slow-cooked, smoky brisket favoured by central Texans.

You can book a table at a local barbecue-style restaurant to feast on delicacies such as the famous brisket, ribs, sausage, turkey, pulled pork, coleslaw, onion rings and cornbread.

You can, of course, also get yourself invited to a proper Texas backyard barbecue. Complete with scrumptious food, icy cold drinks, and the great company that vacation memories are made of.

Explore the Great Outdoors

If you love the great outdoors, make time for a hike during your Texas vacation. Although a big part of Texas consists of rugged desert terrain, you might be pleasantly surprised at just how diverse the hiking trails in the state truly are.

Depending on where in Texas you are vacationing, you can expect to enjoy many options. From formidable rock faces and spectacular desert views. You will find crystal clear swimming holes and expansive wildflower meadows too.

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The Cattail Falls trail, the Guadalupe Peak trail, and the St. Edwards Park trail are definitely worth considering. 

Texas is a treasure chest filled with gems just waiting to be discovered by vacationers. Regardless of where in the state you find yourself, you will never run out of wonderful things to do.

Do you have any other must-do activities for your Texas vacation?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A view of the San Antonio shopping center in Texas. One of many activities for your Texas vacation. A banner reads, "3 Activities for Your Texas Vaca."

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