How To Work Out What You Want Out Of Life

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How To Work Out What You Want Out Of Life

Working out what you want from life can be tough. While life is short, there are also 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, and hopefully, you’ll live for many years.

Read on to discover how to work out what you want out of life.

Drop All the Shoulds

To help you to get in touch with yourself and to know what you want out of life, think about all the things you tell yourself you ‘should’ be doing.

Think about the things that immediately pop into your head when thinking about work? What are the next steps in your career? What are the things you tell yourself you ‘should’ do or achieve?

Drop all the ‘shoulds’ that aren’t aligned with making you happy. Don’t fill your mind with ‘shoulds’ that have come from other people and external opinions, influences, ideas, and expectations.

Once you get rid of all these ‘shoulds,’ then you have space in your mind to discover what you enjoy and want for yourself.

It may take some time, or it could be that you realize you already know what you want, but have been letting all your ‘shoulds’ get in the way.

It also doesn’t matter what it is. If you realize that you want financial stability, villas in Marbella, a few cars, or that you want to spend time with your family.

There’s no right or wrong.

Forget About the Job Title

The problem is that so many people focus on the job title and how to get there. Only to realize that it may come with a horrible work-life balance, no development, no vacations, cut-throat competition and long hours.

Try not to focus on what you think you should do. Rather, focus on what you think you will enjoy doing every day.

Think About Where You’ll Be in Five Years

This is a question that many people dread on job interviews. However, it is used for the simple reason that it works.

It’s one of those annoyingly tricky questions to answer, and in most cases, it’s pretty much impossible to respond concretely.

Thankfully, that doesn’t matter because most of the time, just trying to answer the question is all you need. While the chances of you being where you see yourself in five years are slim, the exercise of talking about where you see yourself in five years is still useful.

It doesn’t actually matter where you think you’ll be in five years, but it’s always essential to think about it because it gives you an idea of what you want to pursue.

What skills and capabilities will you have wanted to build in five years? What will you need to get to a place where you will be happy in five years?

Picking a lifestyle to pursue instead of a job title can help you focus on what you’re interested in, and this is one way to do that.

Think About What You DON’T Want

Think About What You Don’t Want

We buy things all the time, and then we get used to them quickly and get bored with them.

If you sit down and say, “what will make me happy?” you’ll probably get it wrong. Instead, think about what makes you unhappy.

That way, you can focus on jobs or activities that will make you happy.

Focus on Experiences

Rather than thinking about the stuff you want, because as mentioned – you will likely get bored of it, think about the experiences you want to have.

These have a lasting impact on your happiness.

It could be travel; it could be learning new skills or it could be being able to go completely offline after 6 pm.

Think about the experiences that you know you want to have in your life and make sure they’re in your “ideal life” plan.

Experiment More

Experience More

Play around more, try new things, be willing to fail, and as you gain more exposure to different options, you’ll get a better sense of what you like and don’t like.

I think the most important thing to remember is that even though life can be hard, it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Soon enough, you’ll find your way.

Do you have any tips on how to work out what you want in life?





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