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The Winx Club Doll Set: Can You Believix?

Six Winx Dolls sitting on blue carpeted step.

The Winx Club Dolls Fairies Have Landed

The fairies Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Aisha have set up permanent shop here at the Polanco-Chansavangs!

Being a Nickelodeon mom, I had the chance to have some fun with the entire group of the Winx Club! Let me tell you, they may be for my daughter but, they are so pretty– I had a nice time admiring them.

These dolls will be available in the fall and all you fans will be able to collect them and bring to life all their adventures through playsets and role-play items!

You can discover the world of Winx Club, here.

If your daughter is anything like mine, she LOVES fairies and loves the Winx Club.

These fairies are fabulously fashionable and they all have their own personalities that make them unique. They are heroines that fight evil and even compete against a few evil Witches (The Trix)  in their College of Alfea.

Gabby holding all six dolls inside their boxes.


Can’t you tell?

Actually, she literally fainted (like dropped on the ground) when she saw the box and the DVD! She was so excited to open them and she loved the boxes they came in!

Totally a girl’s dream come true!

We received all 6 dolls and 2 episodes of the Winx, Season 4!

All six dolls lined up inside their boxes.
The 11.5-inch dolls are gorgeously crafted, each doll has amazing hair and beautiful hairstyles. Their outfits are super-cute for the teenage Fairies they are!

They all come with a hairbrush to brush their gorgeous locks and what’s super cool is that each doll comes with a Magical Membership Card!

What’s a Magical Membership Card?

They are really cool cards that change when you move them and each card for each fairy unlocks exclusive content over at the Winx Nickelodeon website! So, the fun doesn’t stop after you put the dolls down!

Gabby smiling against a brick wall and holding two Winx dolls.

She Loves Them All

Gabriella picked out her two favorite fairies, Aisha and Bloom. She loved them because their wings were beautiful and she loves that Bloom is a regular girl that finds out she is really a fairy.

Bloom goes off to Alfea College and becomes the leader of the Winx Club. Being the Fairy of the Dragon Flame, Bloom is the strongest of them all!

Gabs also loves Bloom’s pet rabbit, Kiko!

Aisha is the Fairy of the Waves, she can control liquids! What Gabby likes about her is that she is athletic and isn’t afraid of anything!

Her favorite things about them are how stylish they are and that when you put their wings in the light they have a different pattern and design. She loves their make-up and their cute leg warmers, boots, and heels.

Gabby looking down at her two dolls and smiling.
What’s fun about the Winx is the adventures they cross in the realms of Alfea College, they undermine the Trix Witches and team up with the boys that are the Specialists.

Gabby also loves that Tecna is super handy and gets them out of trouble, Musa is the fairy of Music and is also the detective of the group and solves the sneaky plots that The Trix conjure.

All while Flora keeps the peace and can whip up any potion at a blink of an eye! Bloom’s BFF Stella is the bubbly, optimistic of the bunch and she says that she is a lot like her because she likes being positive and silly!

They are positive!

What I love about the dolls is that they promote individuality and uniqueness. You can tell that each doll is ethnic and beautiful in different ways and they have six of them to choose from.

They all have different personalities that they can relate to and my daughter, in particular, can relate to all of them in a small way.

The dolls are beautiful and though they are teenagers, I love the message that they represent.

Good always conquers evil.

You can be stylish and talented all while having fun!

You can catch new episodes of the Power of Believix every Sunday!

Six Winx Dolls sit on the edge of a coffee table.

Watch the Winx

Nickelodeon TV will be partnering with Rainbow to release Season 5 of the Winx Club! Which is super exciting, especially if you watched the four hour-long episodes based on Season 4.

If you’ve never watched the Winx Club, you’ll be pleased to know that they simply deliver a good message. They focus on friendship, fun, girl empowerment, magic, and fashion. It helps girls embrace being unique.

Any little girl can relate to the Winx!

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Til next time, cheers m’deres!

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  1. Hey there!

    My daughter would LOVE the Fairy Of Waves named Aisha!

    Her bio sounds just like how my daughter is and thinks!

    She is fearless and loves challenges!

    She is sitting beside me cheering me on for this amazing contest!!!!!! 😀


  2. My daughter would love all of them! I think her fave would be Tecna because of the hair though. She loves all things pink!
    My recent post #TGCBB Link it Up! Google+ Linky

  3. We love BLOOM in our house!!! GREAT REVIEW they are amazing DOLLS!
    My recent post { Entrepreneur Q & A } Featuring Lindsay from @myteethease #IRDfeature

  4. Hey, i have 9 of them! found the believix ones at toys r us and concert at walmart! i've never seen any with those boxes though.

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