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Get Professional Hair Removal at Home with the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X! #beauty

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X! When it comes to hair removal, you want the method that has the best results. While I have my favorite razors that I use religiously in my beauty routine, I’ve been jonesing to try out laser hair removal to minimize hair growth. The thing is, laser hair removal at a spa […]

The Philips OneBlade: Gift the Blade that Does it All!

Philips OneBlade. There’s nothing more attractive than a man who takes care of his skin and facial hair. Whether he rocks a beard, goatee or prefers a clean-shaven face–he needs a tool that will help him achieve any look. The Philips OneBlade is a hybrid styler that can trim, shave and create clean lines on […]

Amopé Holiday Gift Collections: Give the Gift of Beautiful Nails & Soft Feet this Holiday Season!

Amopé Holiday Gift Collections! Winter can be incredibly harsh on our skin, that goes right along with your feet and even your nails and cuticles. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that we have to keep up our beauty routines all-year long so that we can keep our skin, nails and hair […]

Give the Gift of Smooth Skin with Schick Holiday Gift Sets!

Give the Gift of Smooth Skin. It’s that time of year, if you haven’t completed your shopping yet, you still have the time to give your loved one a gift they will love. Actually, those are my favorite types of gifts to give, ones they will love but, ones they can use. I guess that […]

Look Flawless with Dermablend with Long-Lasting Coverage! #beauty

Look Flawless with Dermablend. Looking good never goes out of style. But, inevitably, with age our skin begins to change and more and more, you get to see the small imperfections that we all have. I find with age, I am getting a little bit more of hyperpigmentation in certain areas, redness and hold onto […]

Top Gift Ideas for Her: Treat the Lady in Your Life This Holiday Season w/ These Gifts Under $40 from Showcase!

Top Gift Ideas for Her! During the holidays, we strive to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. While they say that men buy and women shop, it’s undeniable that it can be a bit difficult to shop for the ladies in your life. Luckily, Showcase is offering a fantastic line of products not only for […]

9 Beauty Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready!

Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready! It’s getting cold outside and that means most of us just want to slip into our warmest clothes and hibernate. Every winter, we ask ourselves that question. Should we shave in the winter or not? It’s so simple to want to skip the razor during […]

How to Get Picture Perfect for the Holidays with Deep Waves + Selfie Tips! #SDMToDoList

This post was sponsored by Dove, Nexxus®, TRESemmé and Shoppers Drug Mart. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, who is a paid influencer, and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dove, Nexxus®, TRESemmé and Shoppers Drug Mart. Get Picture Perfect for the Holidays! The holidays are upon us and […]

Get Two Gorgeous Looks with Infiniti Pro Conair! #ConairDiamondBrilliance

Get Two Gorgeous Looks with Infiniti Pro Conair! Everyone loves the feeling they get after leaving the hair salon. You feel like everywhere you go, there’s a fan blowing through your hair and you are straight slaying it. Let’s be real, that look that your trusty and talented hair stylist gives you isn’t always easily achieved at home. […]

Shave Time Off Your Day with These Morning Routine Tips! #SchickAmbassador

Tips to Shave Time Off Your Morning Routine. Let’s face it, being a woman can be difficult when it comes to getting ready in the morning. We all have our preferences of course. While some choose to make extra time for a longer morning routine, others prefer a quick routine that has them out the door […]

4 Tips to Be Summer Ready + Travel Beauty Essentials We All Need! #SchickSavvy

Tips to Be Summer Ready + Travel Beauty Essentials! Summer is here and the sun, gorgeous weather and the good times are in full-force. Summer is synonymous with adventure and whether you are booked to go away for a weekend or if you’ve planned a few weeks away, it doesn’t mean that you have to […]

Irresistible Me: Get Fabulous Hair with Instant Length and Volume with Premium Hair Extensions! #beauty

Irresistible Me. I’ve always loved to have long, long hair. But, the maintenance that goes with it can be daunting. Just last year, I cut my waist-long hair to my shoulders. While it is healthier, more manageable and so much lighter–I miss my long hair.  Luckily, I had the chance to try out Irresistible Me […]

Get Flirty & Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Day + Amopé Giveaway! #beauty

Get Flirty with Amopé! It’s the month of love and friendship and the big day is fast approaching. One thing that I love about Valentine’s Day is that I get to pamper myself a little more. Whether I head to the spa or if I choose to relax, take my time and do it myself […]

7 Must-Have Stocking Stuffers from Be Delectable and Hard Candy Holiday Collections! Give the Gift of Fabulous!

Must-Have Stocking Stuffers. The holidays are a time for giving and one of my favorite things to do on Christmas morning was always to run down the stairs and check our stocking to see what knick knacks or sweets were found inside. Times have changed, I’ve gotten a lot older but, I still love to find […]

Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean: My Experience with Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean. If you’re like me, a night owl, you’ll have watched a Wen Hair Care infomercial at least once in your lifetime. Even if you aren’t a night owl, you most likely have heard all about the hype about it. I know I did because a lot of celebrities swear […]