3 Things Standing In The Way Of Your Home Selling

A female realtor holds a Home for Sale sign. This article covers 3 things standing in the way of your home selling.

3 Things Standing In The Way Of Your Home Selling

Selling a home can be stressful, more stressful than you’d expect. 

You know that buying a house is tough, but that’s usually because your options are limited. You’re looking for a house within your budget, and within a certain area.

This means compromises have to be made.

You’d think that selling a home would be easier, seeing as so many people are keen to buy. 

Nevertheless, certain things can stand in the way of your home selling.

The first step is identifying these things, allowing you to go through the selling process a lot easier. So, here are the top three. 


Having a home infested by pests will make it hard to sell. Nobody wants to move into a property that’s got critters running around in the attic or basement.

As such, your first port of call should be to find wildlife removal services near you.

Even if you haven’t heard any animals, calling these services is smart to see if there are any signs of hidden pests. 

At the same time, these services could help you pest-proof your home, ensuring no critters find their way in.

Instantly, your house is much easier to sell. 


Yes, a messy house can be very hard to pass on to someone else. Your home could have a really cool floorplan, you’ve made some nice renovations over the years, but nobody is interested in submitting an offer because it looks too messy. 

It immediately provides the new owners with lots of work to do.

People don’t want to spend time tidying up a messy garden or dealing with loads of stains and mess inside the house.

Even if you will remove lots of the clutter when you leave, it’s hard to sell your home because you’re making a bad first impression.

People don’t give it a second chance because they see the photos. They see all the mess, and it puts them off. 

So, always clean your house and make it as neat as possible before selling. This allows you to take much better photos, drawing more people to your property. 


Simply put, your home’s price could be what’s stopping it from selling. Right off the bat, if the asking price is too high.

You miss out on lots of potential homebuyers.

When they’re searching for properties, they’re filtering by price, meaning they cut yours out because it’s too high.

So, lots of people don’t even see your home if it’s an unrealistic price. 

I get it, you want to make as much money as possible, particularly if you have put effort into making your home look great.

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But, always be sure you price it accordingly.

Get a professional to estimate the value, rather than listing it yourself and doing your own calculations.

It’s okay to list it for a bit more than you expect it to sell for, but don’t go overboard. If you price it too high, you will struggle to find buyers. 

Deal with these three things and there will no longer be anything standing in the way of your home selling.

It should attract more buyers, leading to some lovely competition that lets you sell your property quickly, and for a really good price. 

Do you have any other reasons that stand in the way of your home selling?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A female realtor holds a Home for Sale sign. This article covers 3 things standing in the way of your home selling.

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