11 Bedroom Essentials For Teenagers In 2021

A teenager jumps on his bed. This article covers bedroom essentials for teenagers.

11 Bedroom Essentials For Teenagers In 2021

One of the most challenging areas to decorate in your house is probably your teenager’s bedroom. At this stage in their life, they’re still not ready to move out and live on their own, but, at the same time, they want to have a private space all for themselves.

They consider their bedroom as an exclusive and private sanctuary where they can be alone, relax, unwind, and just be themselves.

So, when decorating their bedroom, you need to consider their opinions and preferences. 

Teenagers may have some needs and wants that aren’t similar to your bedroom preferences. Collaborating with your teen child will help you create a bedroom that’ll be convenient and perfect for studying, sleeping, and socializing.

So, how can you decorate the best bedroom for your teens? 

Below, check out the list of 11 bedroom essentials for teenagers in 2021. 

1. Cozy Bed 

Their bedroom won’t be complete without a bed, so the first essential item for your teen’s room is a cozy bed.

Unlike adults, most teens don’t focus on having a stylish bed frame or headboard.

Instead, many of them would focus more on the bed size, the coziness of the bedding, the comfort level of the mattress, and the colors or designs.  

Most teens would love a huge bed not only for sleeping but also for other purposes. They may use the bed for dancing, jumping on it like a trampoline, doing schoolwork, watching movies, or even hosting sleepovers with their friends.

Furthermore, getting a bigger mattress might also be more functional and money-saving than getting a twin mattress.

You don’t want to buy a small bed, only to find out that they’ve outgrown it after a year.  

Ensure your teen’s bedroom is a haven of comfort by adding an adult weighted blanket to their cozy bed. While teens may prioritize bed size, bedding comfort, and mattress coziness over stylish frames or headboards, the addition of an adult weighted blanket can enhance relaxation, promote better sleep, and create a snug environment for various activities like studying or hosting sleepovers with friends.

For the bedding and other sheets, you can work with your teen and see if they have a bedroom theme in mind.

You can take them with you when shopping for sheets and bedding. They might also want to consider customizing their sheets by incorporating their names or images of their favorite celebrities or movie characters. 

2. Seating Option 

If your teen has a spacious bedroom all to themselves, adding a seating option would, indeed, create a great teen bedroom.

However, the seating option must depend on your teen’s preferences.

For instance, if your teen prefers a seating option for reading, meditating, or enjoying their cup of milk, you may consider getting one or two wingback chairs for their room.

Meanwhile, if your teen wants a seating option that’s more casual for watching movies, playing games, or lounging with friends, consider getting them bean bags.

Overall, the type of seating they’d like can help define their bedroom’s theme and tone.  

3. Dresser  

Another essential item your teenager must have in their bedroom is a dresser. It’s vital for keeping their things organized.

Especially for their clothes, toys, movie tapes, and other sentimental items teenagers usually love to keep.

They may also use it as storage for their collections, like merch, gaming tools, arts and crafts, and more.

For the flat surface on top, they can utilize it to display picture frames, vases, and other bedroom decorations they can think of.  

Aside from being a functional storage area, a dresser can also add a special allure to the space, creating a statement.

When buying a dresser, make sure to consider the size of the room. Buying something too large might only take up most of the space and make their room look cramped.

Furthermore, choose a color that’ll blend with the theme and the rest of the things in their bedroom.  

4. Wardrobe 

If you don’t have a closet, having a place to hang clothes is essential. Like the dresser, the wardrobe is also important in hanging their clothes.

Specifically for more important clothing items, like school uniforms, dresses, suits, polo shirts, and so on.

A dresser may be best for storing folded clothes and small items, like undergarments and socks.

On the other hand, the wardrobe is intended to keep their formal clothes looking better, uncrumpled, and safe from mold and mildew.

However, before investing in a wardrobe, make sure to consider the room size. That way, you don’t buy something too large or too small for the available space.  

Most teens use their clothes for self-expression or to showcase their styles. So, sometimes, they can’t help but dig through their drawers and leave some of their clothes on the floor as they try to find the perfect outfit.

To keep this from happening, having a wardrobe where they can tuck their clothes neatly will ensure they can easily locate their clothes.

Moreover, if you’re worried about their soiled clothes cluttering the floor, it’d be a good idea to add a laundry bin to their room so they can throw their dirty clothes in one place.  

5. Study Table 

Since teenagers are still in their school years, you can expect that they’ll be doing a lot of assignments and take-home projects for the next few years.

Help your teen focus more on their studies and stick to their regular study schedule by having a desk and a quiet space for them to work. 

You can get a slim desk and place it against the wall oinon the quietest corner of the room. Away from distracting toys or games.

You can also position it near the window so they can utilize the natural light. Plus having a good view and air window. Hopefully, it can inspire them to keep studying.

Don’t forget to add a good task light for their nighttime studies. 

It’s also a good idea to invest in wall-mounted storage. That way, they’ll have a space to store their study notes, papers, and other school items. They can tuck them away when not in use.  

6. Table Lamp 

Both teens and adults would want a table lamp on their bedside. This is to ensure your teen won’t be stumbling in a dark room when they wake up at night.

Generally, you can have one table lamp on each side of the bed.

Furthermore, make sure to choose a designed table lamp that would match the other decorations and overall room’s overall aesthetic. 

7. Decorative Lighting Options 

Aside from the ceiling lights, it’s a good idea to incorporate other decorative lighting options for your teen’s bedroom.

Using proper decorative lighting will surely elevate the room’s overall atmosphere.

One of the common lighting options for most teens is LED strip lights, also known as neon lights.  

These multicolored LED lights are controllable by remote control. The lights also produce different lighting patterns as they sync with the music being played in the bedroom.

This option is also perfect for both boys and girls, making them an excellent choice for bedroom lighting.

If your teen is into stars, getting a star projector is also a perfect way to illuminate more light in their bedroom. 

Another insanely popular lighting option for both teen boys and girls is the neon sign.

The neon sign is available in various designs, shapes, and colors, which means they’re free to choose anything that would match their bedroom’s aesthetic.  

8. Rugs 

Some teens may not always think of rugs as essential. However they could change their minds once you take them shopping for rugs.

Some rugs are so fluffy under your feet, which can certainly add texture to the room’s ambiance.

When buying rugs, consider the color, texture, design, and, most importantly, size.

Perhaps, your teen would like to have a large rug under the bed, at the center of their bedroom floor for study purposes, or under their study table for a comfy feeling.  

9. Mirror 

As young as they are, most teens can already grow conscious of their looks and style when they hit puberty.

One thing they’d surely love to have is a body-length mirror.

You can either buy one or get a wardrobe that already features a body-length mirror. 

Aside from the big one, they might also need a smaller mirror for their dresser. They can use this in case they groom and sit in front of the mirror.

Both large and small mirrors are essential in helping them get ready for school. 

10. Blackout Blinds 

Sleep is vital for people of all ages, but most especially for teenagers. Their brain is still developing. Getting enough sleep is one of the key ingredients in promoting brain and overall health.

To help their bedroom become more sleep-inducive, lined curtains or blackout blinds can help control light levels from penetrating their room windows.

Some sources of light that these blinds can filter out are street lamps and morning sunlight.  

11. Digital Zone 

Gadgets like cellphones, tablets, and computers are also essential things for teenagers. After all, not only are they used for entertainment they can also be used for school.

So, it’d be great to create a specific area for the digital zoe, or one for USB charging and powering electronic items. 

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Additionally, if you wish to limit your teen’s screen time, it’s a good idea to put the digital zone at the furthest corner of the room, away from their bed and study table. This is to minimize distraction and ensure they focus on studying or sleeping. 

Are You Ready to Set the Bedroom Up?

Their bedroom will serve as your teen’s personal and private space to unwind and freely express themselves.

Choose items in the name of comfort and functionality, but also invest in things that enhance the bedroom’s aesthetic and make them feel like truly themselves.

Do you have any bedroom essentials for teenagers to add to this list?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A teenager jumps on his bed. This article covers bedroom essentials for teenagers.

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