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Why the Aesthetic Qualities of Your Home Matter

A gorgeous day room with a beautiful house plant next to a large couch.

Why the Aesthetic Qualities of Your Home Matter

There’s a certain “Spartan,” utilitarian idea that the only thing that really matters about a home is how functional it is. Also, how much it manages to tick the various boxes you need to tick.

You think of a home’s ability in providing adequate heating, having enough storage space, having working plumbing and a big enough kitchen.

Of course, although quite a lot of people feel this way, plenty of people don’t.

Sometimes, we find it hard to justify spending more money, time, and energy to optimize the aesthetic qualities of our home.

Here are a few reasons why that actually matters, and why you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Harmonious homes are better for mental and physical health

Our immediate environments have a tremendous impact on our overall sense of well-being. If this wasn’t true, no one would ever go out of their way to travel to see beautiful places. On top of that, no one would mind if their home looked like a complete pigsty at all times.

When your home is harmonious and when your home’s decorations complement each other stylistically – you naturally feel better.

Not to mention, you may feel more in control of things, and your health benefits as a result.

It’s a well-known fact that our moods and ability to regulate our emotions have a lot to do with our immune system.

Among other things.

If your home is decorated in a way that makes you feel good–your whole life is likely to be better as a result.

The “theme” of your home can directly evoke emotions 

This is a similar point to the previous one, but different in a couple of important ways.

The fact that the “theme” of your home can directly evoke certain moods, mindsets, and attitudes, doesn’t just mean that you’ll be able to feel better and experience better health as a result of a well-maintained home.

It also means that the way you decorate your home can have a dramatic impact on your ability to rise to everyday challenges. It may affect how you achieve your goals, and become the kind of person you want to be.

Something as simple as a wall heater can evoke a particular rustic style. Rustic styles can remind you to get outdoors more often and engage with nature.

A home office that has the right motivational features installed can help to fast-track you into the “zone” every day. It can significantly improve your career performance.

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Your home’s decorations can act as a series of psychological triggers to put you into different states of mind. This gives you a lot of power to shape the course of your life as a whole.

I know that it sounds like a lot of science should be going behind your home’s style and decor. So many things come into account when it comes to how they make us feel. Style, decor, and colour–you’d be surprised!

Do you think the aesthetic qualities of your home matters?

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