Areas in Sydney to Consider Moving To

The Sydney Opera House is shown against the city line. This article covers areas in Sydney to consider moving to.

Areas in Sydney to Consider Moving To

In a city as big as Sydney, deciding where to live is never an easy decision, especially as a new expat. Before choosing a location, take into account your family circumstances, finances, and lifestyle in order to find the perfect neighborhood for you.

With such diversity to suit all budgets and styles, there is the perfect home awaiting in Sydney for all the family.

Why Sydney?

There are many reasons why Sydney, Australia is so popular amongst expats. From glorious weather to amazing beaches and potential upbringing that children can have.

Sydney is well known for its healthy culture and active lifestyle, and with many popular tourist attractions nearby such as Bondi beach there is nothing not to love about this amazing city.

If you are in the process of packing up your belongings and preparing to ship them from the US to Australia, then you may be wondering where to settle.

An Introduction to Sydney 

If you’re considering a move to Sydney, taking a Sydney tour can provide valuable insight into the various neighborhoods and suburbs, helping you make an informed decision about where to settle down.

The Rocks

This vibrant area is close to the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, and it is only a hop away from some great nightclubs and restaurants, and bars.

There is a fun laid back feel and is great for young professionals who enjoy the buzz of city life. 


This is a lively but family-friendly area for those relocating to Sydney. Houses here tend to be large and have great value for money compared to other suburbs.

You can benefit from some of the great schools which are located nearby. There are great transport links and outdoor spaces for the kids to play and explore. 

Potts Point

Located just a few kilometers from the central business district, the apartments here boast beautiful views of the harbor and surrounding areas.

Choosing to relocate here means that you will be right in the center of town, close to all the cafes, shops and bars.

Housing prices are high in this area, however, if you have a good budget it is definitely worth considering.


The perfect destination for any beach lover. With 8 to choose from, water provides pretty much every aspect of lifestyle here.

So if you have been wanting to start surfing, waterboarding, or beach volleyball there is no better place to be.

Manly can be what you make of it.

From a laid-back surfer lifestyle or you can enjoy the extensive number of bars and nightlife that the area has to offer. 

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The home to the city’s most famous beach, many would be surprised at the contrasting combination of the cosmopolitan buzz and coastal lifestyle.

Bondi has something suitable for all budgets, from billionaires to backpackers.

With quick and easy transport links, it is no surprise that this is also an expat favorite. 

Did I miss any areas in Sydney to consider moving to?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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The Sydney Opera House is shown against the city line. This article covers areas in Sydney to consider moving to.

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